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  • The plugin “TinyMCE Advanced” allows for the customization of the formatting buttons above the edit box on the “new post” page in WordPress.

    I installed the most recent version successfully from my WordPress Dashboard’s plugin page — everything went right.

    It is listed under my “installed plugins.” It is activated.

    I customized the “TinyMCE Buttons Arrangement” in the “Settings” part of my Dashboard. I “Saved Changes.”

    I cleared the cache on my browser.

    However, after all that — NOTHING HAPPENED. The formatting buttons above the “edit box” on my blog’s “New Post” page are completely unchanged from the way they were before I installed TinyMCE Advanced.

    Despite the fact that it is installed successfully and is perceived as installed by WordPress, it still doesn’t “work.”

    I thought perhaps there could be a conflict with another plugin.

    These are the other plugins I have installed:

    Use Google Libraries
    Weaver II Theme Extras
    Basic Comment Quicktags
    Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

    (That last one, “Black Studio TinyMCE Widget,” is about styling text in sidebar widgets, not in posts, and so shouldn’t overlap with TinyMCE Advanced’s functionality.)

    One by one, I disabled each and every plugin on my blog, and while each was disabled, checked to see if TinyMCE Advanced was working, and even emptied cache and restarted the browser each time, and in no instance did the TinyMCE Advanced buttons “appear.”

    So it looks like it ISN’T a plugin conflict. But if not, then what could the problem be?

    I thought it might be my chosen theme. I am using the Weaver II (v. 2.1.2) theme (with WP 3.8.1).

    But when I switched to the default WordPress “Twenty Twelve” theme — the problem was unchanged. Switching themes had no effect.

    Following advice on the plugin’s home page, I also took the following steps

    – I waited 18 hours for any “network caches” to clear.
    – I restarted my computer (which of course meant quitting and then relaunching all browsers).
    – I logged out of my blog account, and then logged back in.
    – I clears my browsers’ caches numerous times.
    – I tested to see if TinyMCE Advanced appears using several different browsers, including Safari, Firefox, and IE.
    – I used someone else’s computer to see if TinyMCE Advanced appears.
    – I made sure Java was updated to the most recent available version on my machine.
    – I made sure that “Disable the visual editor” is is NOT checked for my admin account
    – As mentioned earlier, I one by one deactivated every other plugin, and tested while they were deactivated.
    – I deactivated and then reactivated TinyMCE Advanced itself.

    After all this, and during all this, TinyMCE Advanced simply does not make any changes to my formatting buttons. Even though it is listed as being “installed” on my plugins page, it’s as if it isn’t installed. No effect whatsoever.

    I asked the developer in the forum of the plugin’s home page, but got no reply.

    What else can I do? What could be the problem?

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