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  • I got the same problem. The editor-style.css file won’t be rendering in both TinyMCE Advanced plugins version and 3.4.5 after upgrading to WP 3.3

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    Can you look in the HTML source and search for something like: content_css:"http://[your site]/themes/twentyeleven/editor-style.css". If this exists, the problem is the browser cache. If not, could you provide your theme’s names and whether you’re using this plugin to add support for “editor-style.css”.

    Hi, Andrew.

    Thanks for looking into this matter.

    Sure enough, I deleted both Twenty Eleven 1.3 and Twenty Ten 1.2, it didn’t help.

    We use Fastway 2.0. but right now that page doesn’t show themes, probably the author redesigned his site.

    To make this story shorter, we have customized css file to insert tiny userpic/icons from pull-down menu while working on posts. It was fine until version, then we put a separate editor-style.css:

    	padding:0 5px 5px 0;
    	border: 0 none;
    .a-link {
    	padding: 0 0 4px 20px;
    	margin:5px 5px 0 0;
    .a-link {
    	padding: 0 0 4px 4px;
    .word-link {
    	background: #FFF url(images/word-icon.gif) no-repeat 0 0;
    .pdf-link {
    	background: #FFF url(images/pdf-icon.gif) no-repeat 0 0;
    .html-link {
    	background: #FFF url(images/txt-icon.gif) no-repeat 0 0;
    .mp3-link {
    	background: #FFF url(images/mp3-icon.gif) no-repeat 0 0;
    .wmv-link {
    	background: #FFF url(images/wmv-icon.gif) no-repeat 0 0;

    and everything started working fine again.

    After upgrading to WP 3.3, we’re unable to bring it back.

    Thanks again for your support.

    Meantime I found version 3.2.7 and it works with WP 3.3, meaning we are able to pull our icons.


    I have the same problem. Is there a solution yet?

    Is there a solution yet?

    My own workaround is using version 3.2.7

    You actually rolled back all the way to 3.2.7?
    I downgraded to version but it didn’t help. It doesn’t import editor-style.css

    No news yet?

    – HM

    You actually rolled back all the way to 3.2.7?

    Sure, I did.
    Keep in mind, I need only user pics for my editors being available. It works with 3.2.7
    Other 3.2.7 features could not be working with WP 3.3, I didn’t check.

    Same issue here

    I’m actually starting to think that it is my own setup that breaks it. I’ve now installed TinyMCE Advanced on two of my WP installations (both WP 3.3.1), and editor-style.css works fine on one of them. The working installation is only running 8 plugins, but the broken install runs 27. So I guess I’ll have to go through them one by one to see if any of them interferes.

    Same problem here using TMCE Adv 3.4.5 and WP 3.3.X. editor-style.css is not being loaded as evident in the edit page source. After some investigating this could be related to the latest WP 3.3.x upgrades…

    • Disabling TinyMCE Adv plugin does not fix
    • Another site running WP 3.2.1 loads editor-style.css just fine. This site also uses the same plugins although some have not been updated recently so there could be a conflict with a plugin update.

    I can’t be sure but I’m guessing this problem is related to WP 3.3.X upgrades or a plugin conflict.

    I think it must be the WP upgrade that killed this feature because I don’t use any plugins that could possibly interfere with this tool.

    I’ll try going back to the older version of that plugin now, too.

    Really hope this gets fixed sometime!!!

    Upon further testing, I discovered that the latest version of the White Label CMS plugin is preventing the editor-style.css file from loading. Disabling WLCMS allows editor-style.css to load. I have posted this issue in the WLCMS forum.

    Whether this is related to the latest WP upgrade I can’t say but since I’m also having other issues with the latest WLCMS, I’d have to say that it’s the culprit. However I’m sure it’s possible other plugins could cause the same issue.

    You’re right regarding the WLCMS, deactivating it brings back the editor-style.

    However, I’ve also encountered other irregularities with TinyMCE Advanced recently. Amongst others, the “Insert / edit link” functionality sometimes is broker (lists no internal pages, Add Link brings you out of edit page).

    So I’m not sure if it really is WLCMS, or if TMCE is reacting badly to other plugins as well.

    Hi – we have just discovered that WLCMS may be overriding the custom edit style sheet, even if one isn’t set.

    We have fixed this and will be releasing as part of 1.4.3 – which should not be far away.

    I have tried disabling all plugins except for TinyMCE Advanced and still see the issue

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