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  • When I attempted to automatically update the latest 1.52 version, get a 404 when trying to run the plugin.

    Same with 1.51, 1.43: only manual install via SFTP possible, and then that’s all, no activation, deactivation, or deletions from within admin, only 404s.

    I had had a prior version (version ? unknown) installed & it worked perfectly, scanned, not problems.

    Checked other plugins for same 404 problem just to be sure, but none; unique to this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Peter Butler


    Where are you seeing the 404 – on activation?

    Can you tell me who you’re hosted with? This sounds like it could be a security precaution on their end.

    I’m on DreamHost, but, as I said, I had previously had the plugin installed and it seemed to work fine, finding nothing in my case as it turned out.

    It was just with the recent upgrades that I started getting the 404s, specifically, I couldn’t update automatically to 1.52, and then after I’d manually installed it I couldn’t activate it, deactivate it, or delete it from admin – all I get internally are 404s.

    Again, no other plugin has that 404 problem, meaning, to me at least, something is confounding the path to the TVS files somehow.

    Plugin Author Peter Butler


    Man, that is really weird – I’m at a loss as to what could be going on.

    Dreamhost is popular enough that I think I’d be getting more reports of this if it was happening to everyone hosted with them.

    If you’d like me to help you debug it further, I’d be happy to, but I’d probably need more access – get in touch at if you’re interested.


    Hmmm…then it sounds as if there is something I must have done internally rather than the plugin. Curious why only this one shows that problem, but let me do some digging before I trouble you further. Thanks for the quick responses.

    I am having the same issue on my sites.
    Tried on 2x websites, cannot activate or delete via the admin plugins panel??

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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