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  • Plugin Author edward mindreantre


    Oh. Late answer.

    Have y’all gotten it working yet?

    The plugin works now but in Gmail web client and Android phones, all the header information is displayed.

    I had it working but since updating to the most recent version I have this problem.

    I am getting a ton of complaints about this.

    I really like the functionality but am frustrated with this issue.

    Having similar issues, anyone care to share? Sequence below

    Email to list
    auth request back to sender
    auth request reply validated
    outbound mails in queue (5 of them)
    press “Send messages in Queue”
    “Starting 1 sending children” appearing in log x5

    Queue still has 5 entries, “Starting 1 sending children” repeats in log, emails going nowhere.

    Like the look of this plugin so hoping I can solve this, probably a simple fix!

    Thanks in advance!

    (WP 3.4, Reflector version 1.4)

    Plugin Author edward mindreantre


    You have curl installed, right?

    What do your webserver logs say?

    Thanks for the prompt response

    cURL is installed.

    What should I be looking for in the logs, anything specific?

    Further to my last reply is this what you had in mind?

    x.x.x.x – – [14/Jun/2012:15:18:52 +0100] “HEAD /wp?threewp_email_reflector=1&message_id=3&nonce=xxxxxxxxxx HTTP/1.1” 301 – “-” “-“

    IP and Hash removed.

    Having a bit more of a play with the URLs now I’ve found that log entry

    If I call that URL from my browser (fully qualified of course) then the message is sent. Off to have a bit more of a play with configuration as the full url is [subdomain].[domain] which in reality is www.[domain][folder]

    Plugin Author edward mindreantre


    Apparently you have weird URLs…

    The plugin gets the url from here:

    $url = get_bloginfo( ‘url’ ); (about line 3128)

    Which means that whatever WordPress thinks is the blog url will be used.


    I’ve been adding debug logging to try and track this down.

    Just after the subsequent add_query_arg line I have a log output of the $url variable. The activity log shows

    URL: http://[subdomain].[domain]

    So the URL should be being added to the $curl object correctly…….

    Got it!

    Had a poke around curl_init and curl_setopt documentation and came across CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION. HTTP 301 is a redirect code, so I had a look if it’s being set in the plugin.

    In the code it is set as 0, setting it to 1 solves my issue.

    Does that make sense for you Edward?

    Plugin Author edward mindreantre


    If that works then the next version will have it set to 1.

    I’m guessing your htaccess is rewriting and redirecting…

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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