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  • laupie



    After trying different other email-group plugins, I was trying to get this plugin to work again, as I think it finally suit smy needs the best.

    I got a list set up, and I can manually collect the list by clicking “collect now” on the overview-page. This shows me:

    -Connecting to with username
    -1 messages found.
    -Is Test_1732 a code?
    -Queueing message from to Testlist.

    So, this works fine. Now the message appears in the queue-page and I can (manually) send the message using the ‘Send’ in the dropdown menu.
    All good so far, testing manually works fine.

    However, there are a few things not working for me:

    – I can’t collect my lists using the ‘Collect all active mailing lists’ button on the overview-page. When I click this button, it shows me ‘Cron complete’ and ‘Collection complete’, but it doesn’t actually collect…

    – I can’t send messages in the queue by using the ‘Send messages in the queue’ button. The messages are only sent when I select them, and use the dropdown menu above the list to select Send and hit the Apply button.

    And most importantly:

    – Automatic collecting and sending doesn’t work either, after collecting manually, I’ve waited several days (I know wp-cron gets triggerd by loading a website, so I tried triggering wp-cron by loading my website and the wp-cron.php file directly and even by a Unix wget cron) but the plugin seems not to get triggered by wp-cron.

    I installed the ThreeWP Activity Monitor to view logs of the fetching process; this shows these two messages every 5 minutes:
    – Starting 1 fetching children.
    – Queues cleaned up.

    Could these issues have to do with the version of WordPress I’m using? (WP v3.4.1, plugin v1.15) Is there a way to check if wp-cron works ok?

    Thanks in advance.

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