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  1. Forson
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Dear Edward,

    By the way, your plugin is fantastic and very powerful so thanks. I am not sure if my request is a result of lack of knowledge so please excuse me if this si the case.

    I am using your ThreeWPBroad Plugin and I have 50 wordpress subsites within a Multisite Network and I would like to update page content from my main website to the subsites.

    The subsites already have pages existing with the exact same name and slug as the main website.

    The problem is every time I broadcast a page of the exact same slug through the network from the main site, it automatically creates a page with a modified slug which is therefore not recognized by my menu and results in a duplicate broadcasted page.

    So for instance currently:
    - at http://www.ebscaribbean.com (mainsite) I have a page http://www.ebscaribbean.com/contact with slug "contact"
    - at http://www.ebscaribbean.com/anguilla/ (subsite) I have an existing page http://www.ebscaribbean.com/anguilla/contact with slug "contact"

    I would like to update the http://www.ebscaribbean.com/anguilla site,using threewpbroadcast, with content to make it similar to my main http://www.ebscaribbean.com/contact/ website; but it seems that since http://www.ebscaribbean.com/anguilla/contact/ already exists, the plugin is automatically generating http://www.ebscaribbean.com/anguilla/contact-2.

    This issue is replicated across almost 50 subsites that we have and we do not want to have to delete every page in the subsites, and then recreate them using threewpbroadcast for obvious reasons.

    Is there some way to get your plugin to update the existing subsite pages and using the existing slugs?


    [duplicate of http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-threewp-broadcast-updating-existing-subsite-pages-with-same-slug-1?replies=1 - please post in one forum only]

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