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    In a desperate attempt to try to achieve a global store of products mirrored across multiple wordpress sites under a WPMU install I was hopeful that using twp with eShop would work as it broadcasts everything else about the new post/product when it is created. Everything except for the important stuff that is which is the eShop fields and when it is mirrored over to the other sites it shows up as a regular post, not as a product which you can buy..

    After two days of abismal failure with marketpress I am desperate to find a working solution that lets me mirror a store across multiple installs and it seems like just telling twp to copy over all of the estore, or wp ecommerce or whatever info would be a relatively painless process.

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  • Where is the e-shop data stored? In separate tables or as custom fields? The latter should be automatically copied…

    Hey @netflow, did you ever get a resolution to this? I’m trying to do the same thing. I have three websites – two retail sites selling the same products to different demographics so they have different look and marketing to the site. Then a third site that functions as a distributor/wholesale website, so it has different pricing. But I’d like to have one place to update/manage products instead of having to make updates to three different sites each time we change prices, add new products, etc.

    I was hoping to use woocommerce, but at this point I’d be open to whatever.



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    eShop was never designed to mirror a store across multiple installs and you cannot run multiple stores from a single interface.

    That’s really unfortunate. It seems like there has to be some way to accomplish this. I’m going to investigate different categories and whether or not I can point a different domain to a category section or something. There’s obviously some logistics to work through, but I feel like there has to be some way to do this.

    Hey Junkfood.. I did figure it out yea. I had to restructure my approach to this a little bit. First thing I did was realize eShop or any of the other plugins I was trying where the store was being hosted on my wordpress site just wasn’t going to cut it.. NO local store has this functionality. What I ended up doing was using ecwid and creating a free store through them and then pulling it into all of my sites.. It worked flawlessly and easily right off the bat. Haven’t looked back since

    Guess I can mark this as solved then.. My bad for forgetting about this thread. It’s a pet peve of mine when others do it so shame on me

    Thanks, @netflow. Not crazy about paying $35 or whatever per month.

    There is a lot of free services they offer, I’m not paying for anything

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