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  • New to Multisite and ThreeWP Broadcast. It’s an excellent plugin and does what it’s supposed to… except featured images.

    I have a football site and have set up 12 smaller sub-sites using WordPress’ multisite feature. The plan is to broadcast posts from the sub-sites to the main one, and sometimes other club sites.

    My problem lies with the Featured Images though, which won’t broadcast. When the post is broadcast the URL for the image is entirely wrong, so doesn’t publish.

    I have to manually reupload the image to the main/sub site to get it working, which defeats the purpose really – ideally the image should work in them all.

    Could anyone advise me on this?

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  • Can anyone tell me why the featured images won’t broadcast? Thanks.

    I got the sama problem. in my case images are broadcasted and available in the blogs.dir folder bu the link in the secopndary blogs is not working…looks like is wrong

    I have the same issue. It seems the developer is AWAL so I’ll tell you what worked for me.

    In my case, the post loop on the main site is looking for post images in /wp-content/blog.dir/1. There’s no /1/ dir though cause the main blog’s content directory is /wp-content/uploads. I created a symbolic link with SSH and that patched the issue. Ideally you should be editing the post loop to look for the image in the right place but my theme makes use of a few different functions for thumb post images and changing those functions would likely break something else.

    This should work for all broadcasted image issues (featured or otherwise). If you’re able to, SSH into your server and

    1. cd to your /wp-content/blogs.dir folder
    2. mkdir 1
    3. cd 1
    4. ls -s ../../uploads files

    That creates a shortcut so when the post loop looks where it thinks the main blogs images are, it looks in the right place. Hope it works for you as well as it did for me 🙂

    Thanks Archonic, that worked.

    But there is a typo in your Step 4, it should read:

    ln -s ../../uploads files

    I solved by reinstalling WP from scratch. it looks like the problem comes out when you upgrade to WP 3.0 and above.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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