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    I was wrong when in another post said I could re-broadcast a deleted post from the parent (where the original is) post.

    Once I deleted the child-page I can’t found that site in the list. How do I re-broadcast it?
    or where can I make wpthree to FORGET that deletion? (Bruteforcing the DB?, editing some post field?

    I basically deleted it because the child site already had a page with the same name, and instead of merging them, the slug were changed to page-name-2, which defeats my initial purpose of broadcasting. The slug should be the same to be formatted from one single css.

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    [SOLVED but needs fix]
    Ok, I FOUND how to re-broadcast a deleted child post, but the code should be fixed.
    The option is there, but has “display: none”. I just un-hide it and checkmark-ed it.

    I CAN’T FIND where to hack the php or I’d do it and post it here. The forms (where post sidebar’s checkboxes are) seem to be too dynamical-ized for me to trace it 🙁

    I tried looking for “display: none” in all php files but I couldn’t find.

    Could it be WP hiding unused checkboxes as part of its annoying “screen options”?

    If you gave me an idea of what to look for, I’d fix it.




    Ok, I jumped the gun.


    Now I know why you hid the checkbox in the parent page for the posts the child post has been deleted. It was to prevent the following bug.

    Force-displaying the checkbox and saving the post DID generate the post in the child site, but THEN the child post BROADCASTED itself back to the PARENT site!

    So, now, in the parent site I have TWO identical post. One broadcasting to other sites and one broadcasted from… NOWHERE. Yes, the child site is not broadcasting a thing, but so the new out-of-thin-air post said.

    Not convinced there’s a way to make it work. It’s like walking on rice.




    Un-hiding the li for that site works. There was a misconfiguration in the site’s url path that was conflicting with another site. (the net admin pasted same path for both sites)

    Use some browser’s developers tool to delete the style=”display: none;” attribute from the missing site’s row (li)

    Now you can check it.

    It will create a new post in the child site. If you want it to “keep” the same permalink, you have to delete the unlinked (modified?) post from the child site first, or the second post will have a -2 at the end of the permalink.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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