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  • Working on a custom field broadcast function now. Will be released soon.

    Hi Edward,

    can you also include featured image broadcast in that?

    when do you think it will be ready?


    I have someone testing it already.

    If you want to help out, send me an email and I’ll send you the zip.

    my email address is

    please send me that zip.


    I’m very interested in this function to. The ability to both cross post images, publish times, and also update site wide when editing the master post would be great.

    I’ll be releasing the plugin next week with support for all the shit you guys want.

    See version 1.0.

    Thanks for the update! Looks like everything works except for copying images over. If you insert a gallery or have images attached to the post, they don’t seem to work in the child posts.

    Could you screenshot and show me?

    Because broadcasting featured images works for me and this other guy who helped me test…

    ya its working fine for me.

    Ok, here are some screenshots.

    1. Here is the “master post” with 4 images uploaded to the post in the gallery. I then added a wordpress gallery in to the post.

    2. Here is a shot of the master post on the master blog. The gallery appears fine and you can see 4 photos.

    3. Here is the child post in the child blog. You can see that there is no gallery in the post.

    4. Here is the admin editing the post. You can see in the media gallery that there are no photos in the gallery. The tab doesn’t even show up.

    Hopefully this helps. If no one else is experiencing this, maybe it’s just a freak thing on my blog. Anyways, thanks for the plugin. It’s awesome!

    Most interesting. Never used the gallery function so I didn’t really test it. I’ll have a look later.

    Thanks man! If it’s possible to include the gallery, that would be amazing. I don’t think it needs to physically copy the images… it just needs to have a way to reference the original photos from the master post. I’m imagining the plugin could simply update the links to the original photos in all the child posts.

    Right now, when you copy the post, it will want to change the link to the image to the child blog, which of course doesn’t exist.

    Example: changes to

    Anyways, just thinking out loud.

    I think I’ve fixed it.

    Give me your email address so you can test the gallery broadcast thing.

    In the past, and actually the first post I broadcasted today, the featured image was broadcasted fine. Then I posted a number of others and the featured post didn’t broadcast. The images in the content of the posts did though. When I go to make one the featured image, the image doesn’t appear in the Gallery, but there is a blank file there.

    What do you think could have happened between that first post and the others? Only difference between them is the category.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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