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  • Hello, your plugin is simple and powerful at the same time, I 3 twitters and it’s great to be able to list them all together, I probably will use it to print my tweets.

    I have some requests and suggestions, to make it better:

    1) before returning the output, add a filter to be applied to it 🙂

    2) Add a space before span class=”thinkTwitPublished”, it’s first word is getting together with the tweet. Better yet, use a <br so that it goes 1 line below

    3) I’m only able to show last week tweets, is it a twitter limitation or is your plugin? I’d like to show older ones too

    4) Since more than 1 twitter can be used, add an option to show its @address instead of the user name, all my twitters have my name and I’d like each of them to be distinguished in the list

    5) separate the widget class from you code, and add a function/object to print it anywwhere wanted, and a shortcode too :p

    6) since tweets are sorted by date, ol is more semantic than ul

    7) in line 244 u are doing str_replace using the same character, what’s the meaning of that? o.O

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