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    I am trying to get my images on this page to appear in a thickbox. I have created the ‘pages’ for the first couple. (just pages within my wordpress) – but they appear blank when you click them.

    I had read on a previous post (which I cannot for the life of me find now)That with this plugin downloaded I could just change the CSS Class to thickbox, and the Link URL to the appropriate page and it would appear. I am trying to make this process as easy as possible as there will be some non-web people updating in the future. Going into to change lines of code in the html editor won’t really cut it for them! Especially when theres 10-15 images on a page.

    I feel like there’s just a little something I am missing that is making this page not appear!

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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  • after 3.3 upgrade, got the same problems when using Thickbox plugin. or… tries to upload the popup, but nothing actually happens, or just the overlay shows up.
    have tried numerous popup boxes plugins, all have problems.

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    No, the way you’re trying to use it is incorrect. Here, try this link for Ashley Hilkewich:

    <a href="ashley-hilkewich/?keepThis=true&height=300&width=500" title="TAshley Hilkewich" class="thickbox">Ashley Hilkewich</a>

    Do the rest in the same fashion (if it works).

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    @reneodeay – could you please post a link to the page where you experiencing issues?

    Hey, thanks for the reply!

    I’ve just pasted in the beginning link portion, and it appears to be working except for my text is cut-off? Not sure where this random height is coming from – I’ve tried playing around with some clear:boths, and the overflow in firebug, doesn’t seem to be working?

    Oh nevermind – had a max-height on my post-excerpt that was causing that!

    All good now 🙂

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    @nashproductions – the height and width are set via the URL – take another look at it and adjust the dimensions to whatever you need.

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    @nashproductions – oh, yes – you have some pre-set styles for #popup-container and .post-content elements. You can overwrite those with specifying parent ID #TB_ajaxContent and then the element that you’re overwriting.
    but don’t have thickbox activated just now.
    nothing I do makes it go back to the way I finally jimmied it around to working halfway right after the last time I upgraded.
    now facing the many days of trying to get it work again. I hate upgrades, and the constant nags to up grade from my host site as well as WordPress. when I KNOW it will be AFU again.

    Also got a couple installs on my Mac with MAMP having similar problems. just testing out plugins to find one that may actually work.

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    @reneodeay – I hear you. Upgrading is not an easy task, especially if you have a lot of plugins. I noticed that you have 2 error messages created by JavaScript. Plugins with similar functionality, especially running javascript are more likely to conflict with each other. You might also want to troubleshoot your plugins by deactivating them all and activating one by one to see if each functions correctly. It might help you to pin-point the one that doesn’t play nicely with the current updates.

    Currently, it looks like you’re using “Fancybox” to open your images in a popup, but it doesn’t work. This may be a problem with other plugins that provide similar functionality.

    actually just activated Fancybox, but it didn’t work. will check out what you referred to on the javascript.
    I already tried deactivating all the plugins. clearing browser cache, etc. will try again.

    found a plugin that works, but not with the Social BookMark plugin. took a lot of work to get all the photos popping up.
    WP SexyLightBox plugin. not as easy as author claimed, and not my desired format. but serviceable.
    You can see how it works now

    I am not upgrading my other blog, cuz there’s way too many images to fix.

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    I’m glad you found an alternative. Well, since the original poster’s issue has been resolved and we can’t exactly related your issues to this particular plugin, I’m marking this thread as “resolved”.

    Please post any new issues in a separate thread if something come up. Thanks!

    Hey, me again!

    It appears my content for my pop-up box is cutting off in a very strange place!
    If you view this page and click on the first person, there is supposed to be a period at the end of the sentence. Then for the next person, who’s bio is much longer, it cuts off the last line. I have my post-excerpt set to 650 or something massive, but that still doesnt’ explain why the periods are missing on the end?

    I know you mentioned pre-set styles for #popup-container and .post-content elements… I’m not entirely sure if those would be effecting it, I’ve played around with them with no change.

    Thanks for your time!

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    @nashproductions – the “cut offs” of the content is not being affected by the CSS. Yes, you could clean up the CSS as I recommended before to get rid of horizontal scroll bars ( #popup-container should not have margins and width should be set to auto as well as .post-content.excerpt should have padding-right set to 0 ). Something is causing to cut off the content because it’s not even in the source code… look into your post editor and see if there are any weird quotations or something else is going on at the spots where the content is being cut off. May be some tags or line breaks that make this happen.

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