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  • I have been using the Thickbox Content plugin, which is great, but there seems to be a conflict with it and the media uploader used when editing posts and pages.

    When I click on the icon to insert an image, for example, the interface loads, but not as thickbox content. It displays below the wordpress left-hand menu, and with a negative margin so that without inspecting the element and manually changing the margin each time I cannot reach any of the buttons to browse and insert.

    I’m not au fait with javascript but from searching around I guess it’s a problem there. I tried the solution outlined here regarding amending the thickbox.js file in case that was it, but it’s not solved anything (I cleared the cache before retrying).

    Any suggestions would be very welcome!


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  • PS: The site is although I’m not sure if you’d need access to the site itself if the problem is not front-end?

    Any help with this would be really great! This is the code that is driving it. I can’t work out where it comes from but I’d guess somewhere in the vast wp-includes folder? {
    width: 670px;
    height: 559px;
    margin-left: -335px;
    top: 20px;
    margin-top: 0px;
    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    Hi Ellie,

    I apologize for the delay.

    ThickBox Content doesn’t come with any custom css styles nor it adjusts styling via javascript. This plugin simply activates the default thickbox library which comes with WordPress core package. I suspect there is something else that’s causing the issue, but I can’t tell for sure unless I can take a look at it directly.

    The problem could be in the active theme or any active plugin. To troubleshoot it, I’d recommend to switch to the default theme (Twenty Ten or Twenty Elleven) and de-activate all the plugins except the ThickBox Content. Clear your browser’s cache and try to reproduce the issue again. If you find that the problem no longer exist, start turning your theme and plugins back on one by one while testing for the problem to pin-point the conflicting plugin.

    If you can provide me with a temporary admin access, email me at max at and I’ll take a quick look. But quite often it’s hard to tell what’s causing the conflict just by looking at the source code and you still might have to do the whole troubleshooting process I described above.

    Hi Max,

    Sorry for being so rude in my delay in response. The festival I run was that week so things were manic and then a family member got sick so I’ve been struggling to catch up with everything.

    I’ve just done as you suggested – switched to twenty-eleven and deactivated all the plugins, but the problem persists. It’s very strange. Would you mind taking a look? If not, I’ll email you, but didn’t want to straight off the bat as it’s been a wee while since your last post!

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    No problem, Ellie. Go ahead and email me (max at the details on how to login into your site and I’ll see what I can do.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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