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  • Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    You can copy and paste this into your HTML editor:

    [thkBC height="300" width="500" anchortext="My Big Button" title="My Big Button" type="inline" inline_id="my_big_button"]
    <div id="my_big_button"><p>[big-button]more[/big-button]</p></div>

    Here is the step-by-step process:

    1. Create a <div id=”unique_id”> layer with a unique ID, and a paragraph <p> inside with the content that should appear in the Thickbox.
    2. Click on the Thickbox icon in the editor panel
    3. Enter link anchor text and the ThickBox Title
    4. Change “Show as” to “Inline”
    5. Enter the inline ID you assigned to your div & click Insert.

      [thkBC height=”275″ width=”650″ anchortext=”More” title=”More” type=”inline” inline_id=”o11″]
      <div id=”o11″><p>[big-button color=”blue” link=””]more[/big-button]</p></div>

      This adds a button on the thickbox window. This isn’t what I want. I want a botton that opens up the thickbox window.

      Example: You go to the site. You click the big blue button. The thickbox window opens with the iframe content.

      Plugin Author Max Chirkov


      @thumbtak – that’s what I thought, but your initial post said “button open IN thickbox”… anyway, thanks for the clarification. I don’t think you can do that with a shortcode. You would have to use a raw link parameter in shortcode and it will only work if you can add a class “thickbox” to the shortcode as attribute.

      There is good information how to create thickbox links manually here – scroll to the part where it says “Inline Content”

      Your code should look like this:

      [big-button color=”blue” class=”thickbox” link=”?height=300&width=300&inlineId=my_thickbox_content”]My Big Button[/big-button]
      <div id=”my_thickbox_content”><p>Thickbox content goes here.</p></div>

      Actually, you should be able to paste the above code and it should work as is. The only way it won’t work if your butoon shortcode doesn’t support class attribute…

      I added the code you said above, and read the inline content at the link you gave.

      This is what I got:

      Now. The button does nothing, even after adding the link before the question mark. The other part is text that does nothing. What I want is the button to open the thickbox window without showing any text below it. The button will open up a link and show it in the thickbox window.

      Plugin Author Max Chirkov


      Can you post a live link to the example above?

      Here is the exact code that is used for the example.

      [big-button color="blue" class="thickbox" link=""]My Big Button[/big-button]
      <div id="my_thickbox_content"><p>Thickbox content goes here.</p></div>

      Here is the link to the page it can be found on:

      Plugin Author Max Chirkov


      @thumbtak – I hope you’re realizing that we’re talking about not my plugin here, but rather about a very unique case of a very specific shortcode provided by your theme(?) or another plugin. So, this is not a support question.

      Now, this is a basic HTML thing. Your button’s shortcode generated the following HTML:

      <a href=""class="big-btn blue" target="">My Big Button</a>

      So, it looks like it doesn’t support “class” attribute, because the class thickbox was not added.
      Anyway, this is the code that you need at the end:

      <a class="big-btn blue" href="#TB_inline?height=300&width=500&inlineId=my_big_button_window" title="Big Button Window" class="thickbox">My Big Button</a>
      <div id="my_big_button_window">
      <p>Thickbox content goes here.</p>

      Copy and paste that into your post as is and forget about the shortcodes.

      Thanks for your help.

      This is how I fixed the issue.

      – I manually setup thickbox, which I found out wasn’t needed, but it worked.

      – I made a stand alone wordpress button. Took a screenshoot and cropped out the button. I then edited the button to remove the background.

      – I then uploaded the image to a folder on my server.

      – I used the following custom code.

      <a href="?ajax.PHP?keepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&height=275&width=650" title="More" class="thickbox"><img src="../images/buttons/more.png" border="0"></a>

      Plugin Author Max Chirkov


      Have you tried the solution I posted in my last reply? It’s the same button that you initially had and much easier that what you came up with. Whatever works for you the best.

      I did try it. It had the same outcome. A button and text below it, with the issue of the button not working.

      Plugin Author Max Chirkov


      Sorry, the link had 2 classes, that must’ve broke it. Here it is again:

      <a class="big-btn blue thickbox" href="#TB_inline?height=300&width=500&inlineId=my_big_button_window" title="Big Button Window">My Big Button</a>
      <div id="my_big_button_window">
      <p>Thickbox content goes here.</p>

      This has to work, it works on my site.

      Okay, now it is working. I switched it to iframe. Thanks.

      Plugin Author Max Chirkov


      Good. You’re welcome!

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