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    It is very disappointing that this plugin does not work =( I have searched and searched for an image slider that has navigation and captions that can include links. I added the if statement to my header.php, index.php, and page.php to see if I could get images showing, but no luck. I have the shortcode in a post. ANYONE have a fix? I saw on TheTheFly website that many people are having this problem since 2011 and unfortunately they have not received a fix. There were suggestions to uncheck “resize images”. I did that, still no images. If there is no fix, can someone tell me about another plugin that does this same thing? I really need it! Thanks in advance!

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  • Found out that the buddypress template pack was causing my issue.

    I had the same problem (and I’m not using buddypress), the images doesn’t show but only the loader image. I found this is a problem with paths of the images on IIS Server (may be I’m wrong). I try in a Linux server and works great, everything it’s ok. May be this note help another user. I’m not still work to fix this for the IIS. I hope plugin’s developer team explain more about this.

    I got rid of buddypress altogether and still the images won’t load SOMEtimes. I don’t understand it. I can reload my browser and they come up or sometimes they appear the first time the page is loaded. It is very inconsistent and my client has noticed and begun complaining. Anyone know of a substitute plugin?

    I had tried this, but I leave for some strange behavior with my css. Maybe works fine in your theme.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I can’t get that to work either! I added two slides then added the anything slides shortcode to a post. It put the pictures on the page, in a list, one right after the other. The bottom picture is overlapped with the text that was supposed to be underneath the slideshow. I can’t win!

    I am also using Grand Flash Gallery on this site which supposedly has a Banner Rotator that does exactly what I want, but just like TheThe Image Slider, it just shows a load icon that NEVER goes away.

    Found a solution! Trash that plugin and go with “Promotion Slider”. It works wonderfully and does exactly what I want it to do!

    How many slides does “Promotion Slider” allow? I would love to find another plugin that works more consistently but the biggest issue I have is that we want a slider that has the ability to load 50+ slides. I have struggled to find anything in the free category that meets this requirement. What is most frustrating is that this plugin worked for a while but then much like your case it stopped working or works occasionally. Thanks!

    Having just solved this problem on my site, the problem could be caused by the order in which your scripts are being loaded, see here. Make sure you are calling the jQuery script before trying to use a command.



    Chrismawa, how did you fix this? Mine was working until I installed a couple of plugins and now all I see is the loading screen.

    I really like this slider and I’d hate to have to use a different one.



    Okay, it sounds as though you have a plugin and/or theme conflict.

    This plugin works on most setups.

    Try disabling all your plugins (except this one!) and using a default WordPress theme and see if your image slider works.

    Then, if it does, try activating your theme of choice, and see if it works.

    Then reactivate your plugins one by one and keep checking to see which one causes the conflict. When you find out which it is, decide if you can live without it!

    Another image slider you might like is Slideshow Gallery (but I’m not sure it will do what you want this one to do, as we use them as either/or!):

    Hope you can get this one working – its a nice plugin when it works.

    I got this plugin working perfectly…unless I want to see it in my ipad or iphone. The loading bar keeps going and images never load. Any idea how to fix this please???

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