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  • Hello Mate,

    As far as I am aware the support for this plugin has been discontinued (judged on how old the plugin in (and how long it has been since its last update))

    The website has never had much in regards to documentation or support, along with the forums here that don’t offer much support

    However, the basic functionality works, and I have been HEAVILY modifying it to allow for all of my changes (such as adding multiple different user entered content sections for the ‘Caption’)

    I will be adding my notes on here, and might release my updates as I feel they have addressed some issues.

    I hope that helps 😛

    Hello again.

    I tried to make a new topic, but I am getting error messages saying that new topics are closed. So I have decided to put some of my changes in here. I really hope they help someone!

    Hey Guys,

    Since I cant seem to see the developers updating this plugin, I thought it was about time I started modifying its core files to achieve my desired functionalities.

    I love how we can enter into the ‘Caption’ section for each ‘Slider’ any content and it will appear on the slider. However even with custom CSS I can only have so many elements (and by this I mean I can enter <div class=”title”> Some Title Text </div> and <div class=”text”> This is body text </div> to allow me to display a nice title and body text. However, this requires HTML in the ‘Caption text’ section, and honestly clients will NOT know what to do…

    THUS I have decided to detail below how to add more fields to the plugin’s slider administration page to allow you to add additional content to the sliders caption. Because of the way the developer coded the plugin, its VERY VERY simple to do (by comparison to declaring new types or using another plugin)

    I have a client who wants to have a TITLE, TEXT and LINK displayed on multiple slides. They are a basic computer user and must be able to enter it into a simple defined field. So using HTML and wrapping text is not suitable

    Firstly, only please attempt this if you know PHP and are comfortable with messing around in plugins. Usually I do not touch plugins as often they are updated and loose any changes, however I dont think the developers will be updating this again so I am willing to take the risk.

    You need to MODIFY the existing original plugin files for the slider itself. Note, it is very well maintained in the backend of the plugin, with multiple PHP files and links between them for defining functions, as such it may look scary but don’t worry I assure you it is simple.


    • Go to Plugins, Editor and select ‘TheThe Image Slider’
    • Once loaded you need to select “thethe-image-slider/inc/inc.boxes.php”
    • basically this file is the code used on the ‘Add’ and ‘Edit’ screens when you want to add or edit the slides in the slider. This defines all of the HTML elements that will be used on the page. We simply want to make MORE textfields so that clients can enter data into fields
    • Navigate down to ‘Caption Settings’, these are the settings for the caption itself. We will need to add more fields at the bottom
    • Near the very bottom you will see a field called ‘Text’, this is the current text field used to hold all of the caption, now you can keep this field like I have and simply add more fields below it is you wish like I plan to do
    • Now you will need to copy exactly the data for the ‘Text’ field but simply change the type to ‘Text’ instead of ‘TextArea’ like such:

      ‘name’ => ‘text’,
      ‘title’ => ‘Caption Text’,
      ‘help’ => ‘Enter the HTML code for this slider\’s caption.’,
      ‘default’ => ”,
      ‘desc’ => ”,
      ‘type’ => ‘textarea’
      ‘name’ => ‘text1’,
      ‘title’ => ‘Caption Secondary Text’,
      ‘help’ => ‘Enter some additional stuff for this second text box’,
      ‘default’ => ”,
      ‘desc’ => ”,
      ‘type’ => ‘text’

    • Note that you add a ‘,’ after the original ‘Text’ section and simply define all of the new fields you want below it. Now we will need to print out the values entered into these fields on the caption
    • Select the ‘thethe-image-slider/thethe-image-slider.php’ from the plugin editor menu
    • now you need to scroll down about 80% of the way down till you see

      $output .= $slide[‘text’];

    • Now below that line you will add the references to the other fields that you created, in my example I called it ‘text1’
    • $output .= $slide[‘text’];
      $output .= $slide[‘text1’];

    • Now when you look at your slides, you can enter more information down the bottom into the custom created fields, and when they have data they will be posted inside the caption section. You will need to style these will CSS to align them right, but overall this should make the process of creating a more friendly slider for clients possible
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