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  • Ash


    Using the white caption fade colour, I have changed the font colour for this in the custom styling section and it works fine in everything but IE, in particular, IE8. The caption background fades in solid, and when the transparent image is then loaded, the text turns white, no matter what color I make it. I have tried z-index, even just having the background as a solid colour and the caption just disappears (doesn’t add the background colour I set it to).


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  • Same issue here. I can test and confirm the same problem for IE8 and urgently need a solution or workaround.

    It seems to be an issue with the JS?

    Thanks for any supportive information!


    One more remark:

    When the initial/ first slide has loaded, everything is OK – the caption is not switching to white.

    As soon as the slide changes for the first time, any following slide caption turns white after fadein is done.



    I’m thinking its more of a PNG issue with IE than a javascript problem. Either way I need this fixed up asap.

    I have been playing around with so many settings and can’t seem to get it to come good. Even the live demo on the main site is doing it.



    I had to ditch this plugin and go with another. Nivo Slider for wordpress gives you exactly the same effect, different options than this plugin, but it works 110% in IE is it doesn’t use png’s for the opaque background. its a plain coloured background giving you the option to chose the colour and the opacity of it.

    Possibly an idea to change this on this plugin Thethefly…

    Dear Ash,

    would You mind providing the exact link to the Nivo Slider, You are using?

    I searched WP Plugins and got about 4 different Plugins, all called Nivo Slider …

    Thank You very much.



    Sure thing. If you search in the admin plugins search its the one called Nivo Slider for WordPress, or

    Ash, thanks a lot. Just tried this one, but for me it doesnt work on Firefox 6 on Mac. It does not even load the first slide, but keeps on spinning the wheel on and on. 🙁

    Gotta search further.





    I primarly use firefox on a mac and it worked first go.
    Are you sure you have it installed correctly and added your images right? (How good is that crop tool!?)

    I have it working on

    Ok, I see its working. Got to give it another try. Uploaded one slide only. All looked good, it appeared in the backend and was set active. Was I wrong putting HTML in the caption area? I disabled nav arrows, but selected this kind of dot nav.



    I have all options disabled to achieve the look of my slideshow. I uploaded 2 at first to see if it worked as I needed it to… maybe that was your problem. I had no issue in getting this one working. Worked first go. and I’m using the php way to enter it onto the page in my homepage template:
    <?php if (function_exists('nivoslider4wp_show')) { nivoslider4wp_show(); } ?>

    OK, now I am fine with it. I guess it was about the option when to load the required JS. I selected footer, to make the rest and more important things of the side load faster.

    Actually I chose 80% JPG quality, but the images don’t look what I exptect them to.

    Now lets see, if it supports HTML in the caption and if I can get the caption to the right hand side via CSS.

    Thank You!

    See example here



    Nice mate, Looks good to me! I’d suggest doing the majority with css if you can help it, but if you need tags in there i’m sure it will support.

    Got the result in the end.

    Well, after some time of editing, I come to the conclusion, that I have to keep on searching for another plugin.

    NivoSlider4WP is not capable of displaying HTML inside the caption, without hacking the JS/JQuery, allthough there is a css-class called .nivo-html-caption. This class is only stated in the css but nowhere else called (neither in any php nor js).

    Actually the way the caption-text is transferred is strange. The text is set as “title” and “alt” attribut of each image and brought into position via JS. While my own h3-tag stays and is beeing displayed, my p-tag dissapears.

    Plugin Author thethefly


    Very useful discussion! Thanks.

    We are going to add more options for caption with our next version of the slider, same as we do with our Sliding Panels plugin settings. Have you tried it? You can specify both color and opacity for a sliding panel that works and looks very similar to the slider’s caption.


    Thanks for coming back on this here. May You please check this link in IE8? As You know better about Your code, do You have an idea, why any captions turn white after fade-in ends, except for the inital slide?

    Your plugin is the best I found, but I can’t use it, if this can’t be fixed by now.

    Thank You very very much!

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