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  • Hi,

    This is really meant for Steve, but if anyone else has the answer, don’t be shy. I tried contacting Steve through his website but it doesn’t seem to want to accept my message.

    themeperpost is almost working for me, but it doesn’t always apply the theme I’ve selected.

    I created a new theme and changed all get_header, get_footer, and get_sidebar calls to themeperpost calls. I did not alter my old theme, assuming that if no themeperpost custom field exists then the old theme would apply, and indeed it does behave like that some of the time.

    My blog displays a single entry (the latest) when visitors arrive at the blog. The behavior varies depending on how they arrive. If they arrive at that post specifically, the correct theme is applied. If they do not specify a specific post, they get the latest post as designed, but always with the old theme.

    I thought perhaps this meant I needed to change the get_* calls in my old theme to themeperpost_get_* but when I did that, it seemed to not apply any theme at all. I am afraid that I must now add a custom field to all my blog entries, which number almost 2000. Is there something I’m missing?

    Everything else works wonderfully and I am this )( close to solving what has been a really tough problem. Thanks to Steve for the plugin.

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