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  • Richard


    Instructions are incomplete, vague, and without explanation.
    The theme install is asked to be done, you can’t tell where you are suppose to put the theme zip file to install from. WP traditionally uses either an upload from the users local computer or from an Internet search. This plugin follows neither approach. Worse yet, it doesn’t offer any explanation of where to put the theme file. For me, it didn’t work from my local machine and there isn’t any Internet search. So then we uploaded the zip file to an empty directory in our site and used that URL. The plugin loaded all its files and folders into the ‘themes’ folder. How Sloppy! No software author just throws files and folders into a general folder.
    Then we tried the dropdown menu in the plugin and all it showed was the original theme we had on the site, and no listing for the new theme we were trying to edit. Worse yet, no docs to explain what the problem might be. This is just plain author laziness.

    There are no docs, just a few incomplete “Installation Steps”.
    When users complained they couldn’t get it to uninstall, the author suggested ftp’ing in and deleting the folder.

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  • Hello greenenergycafe,

    I’ve used the theme test drive quite frequently, and found its the best way to modify another, or current theme without changing the site’s appearance. I’m not 100% sure what you’re trouble is, but it sounds like you don’t know where to place the theme?

    You place the theme just like you would if you didn’t have the test drive (in your themes folder)

    Log into your admin panel, and click theme test drive. You should see a box with a drop down. Select the theme you wish to edit, and click “enable theme test drive”.

    Wallah, you should be good to go, or is this not your (only) problem?

    Take care,



    The instructions don’t state that. The plugin presents a field, asking for the URL of the zip file of the theme the user wants to edit.
    I don’t “place my themes”; I let WP install them, just like it’s built to do.
    Similarly, the author of the plugin doesn’t cover that method, even though it is WP’s normal method.
    Similarly, no where in the instructions does it say to do what you just described.
    And tell me, why would it install all the new theme’s files into the ‘themes’ folder, instead of a separate folder for the the new theme, just as every other theme is installed into its respective folder?
    No, this is a very poorly written and documented plugin. The author should know better. He is demonstrating terrible code writing skills and is leaving users without suitable instructions and answers.


    Whether or not the instructions state this, it is the correct way to do it, at least that I am aware of. Do you use an ftp program? Because that’s what you’ll have to use.

    Unzip your desired theme to your hard drive, and upload it, via ftp, to wp-content>themes folder. Yes, the theme you want to use will have its own folder, but it will also be under the “themes” folder.

    Once you do that, just follow the process described in my earlier post.




    Exactly my point! As you stated, “at least that I am aware of”.
    The fact that none of us can have just a common-sense amount of information, and accurate information at that FROM THE AUTHORS of these plugins and themes is an insult.
    I’ve paid for two themes recently, and it’s the same situation, over and over again.
    This has to stop. It reflects very POORLY on WordPress.



    Yes, I use an ftp program. I’ve been an IT network Administrator for over twenty years. I am not averse to the technology. I am the webmaster a number of sites. I am also tired of this non-chalance lowering the bar from these wanna-bee code writers. When they provide these half-baked excuses for plugins, they do no more than cause unnecessary work, confusion, and lost billable time for those of us interested in furthering the industry. Enough already!!!



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    The fact that none of us can have just a common-sense amount of information, and accurate information at that FROM THE AUTHORS of these plugins and themes is an insult.

    Then do not use those free plugins or themes.

    It reflects very POORLY on WordPress.

    Third party commercial themes have nothing to do with WordPress – in the same way that the local car salesman down the road has nothing to do with Ford.

    There are usually multiple ways of doing things, and this is the way I use, so I can’t speak for any other. It doesn’t look to me like you want to learn how to use this plugin, though.

    At least you could be thankful to the author for making the plugin in the first place, which many of us benefit from. If you have any other questions regarding this plugin, please ask politely.


    Wow, I’ve never seen a better case of, “think before you hit send” in all my years. Vladimir Prelovac is a top-notch designer, but you’re complaining he hasn’t supported a free plugin…I’m imagining he’s busy with ManageWP or SEOSmartLinks, two of his premium developments.

    Man’s gotta eat, can’t blame him. But to complain so loudly about a free service that you didn’t get what you paid for (my paraphrase) reflects badly on your character. I’d cool off a bit before hitting send next time, but that’s just my two cents.

    Personally I’ve been using it for months on end, and it works fine.



    Wow, I’m struck by the patience of the replyers. That reflects well on the WordPress community ;-).

    I’ll try this plugin soon, if only out curiosity.

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