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  • Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    So, not only do you report an obscure problem that nobody else is reporting, but you don’t give me any kind of details as to figure out why this is happening? What modules do you have active, if any? Have you tested with all other plugins disabled and using the default theme?

    Jeff, don’t take shots at me. I’m trying to help here. This is my initial report. I’ll try to provide whatever addition information you need, but my site runs over 50 plugins, so debugging is a complex process. A little patience on your part will go a long way. -Fred

    P.S. Whether other people are reporting this problem is irrelevant. This is a serious problem for me, and I cannot use the current version of the plugin because of it. The plugin used to work for us, so I may try rolling back to an earlier version until the problem goes away. If that succeeds, I’ll let you know.

    Hi Jeff,

    I’ve done some additional debugging and have some new info which may help you pinpoint the cause of the problem I reported. I minimized my configuration settings for TML as follows:

    • No modules are active.
    • Pagelist is unchecked.
    • Stylesheet is unchecked.
    • Page ID references the correct [theme-my-login] page.
    • The [theme-my-login] shortcode has no parameters.

    Registration successfully opens a new account and emails the username and password, but the login credentials do not work. I’m told that the username or password are incorrect.

    With some experimentation, I’ve found a sequence of steps which will cause the new user’s login credentials to work:

    1. Log in to the admin account.
    2. Go to the TML settings page.
    3. Click on the Save Changes button.

    After that, the new login credentials work perfectly! Merely logging in and going to the TML settings page isn’t enough, though. You have to click on Save Changes. That seems to reset something which causes the new login credentials to be recognized.

    Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

    Thanks for your help,


    P.S. I did some additional testing and have a few more things to report:

    1. The new user’s login credentials are recognized by the default wp-login.php script right away.
    2. After logging in successfully with the default script, the TML login works as well.
    3. Rolling back the plugin to Version 6.0.4 did not solve my problem.
    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Sorry, but I really cannot help as I cannot duplicate the problem.

    Hi Jeff,

    Great news: I’ve identified a plugin conflict which completely accounts for the problem I reported!

    It turns out that the DB Cache Reloaded Fix plugin conflicts with TML. I discovered exactly the same conflict with exactly the same symptoms between the DB cache plugin and the Magic Members membership plugin as well.

    Apparently, caching certain database queries prevents new users from being recognized, until some other event resets the DB cache. If we could identify the specific type of query, we could add it to the list of queries to exclude in the DB cache plugin settings. For now, I’m just going to do without DB caching completely.

    I’m very happy to discover that I can use your plugin once again!

    Best regards,


    i ran in to this recently. you are absolutely correct that DB cache plugin is the culprit. you can add filter named “authenticate” to list of filters that need to be bypassed by DB cache plugin. it works like a charm.

    so my DB cache plugin settings looks like:

    Good Luck.


    Thanks so much for posting the filter we need to resolve the conflict with the DB cache plugin! Someone on a related support thread asked about this very issue recently. I’ll be sure to pass your solution along!

    Thanks again,


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