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  • Hi Jeff,

    first of all, thanks for a great plugin. the more i play with it the more i like it . good stuff.

    Having said that, I am currently working on a project that needs different kinds of moderations based on a users requested role. I.e some pages are only allowed to be accessed by a contributor (actually in my case i created a role called “promoters” but that’s beside the point) which i wanted to moderate by having access granted only by an administrator, whilst having ordinary subscribers being able to moderate themselves via email.

    essentially, I hacked the moderation module of your plugin to include a dropdown list of defined selectable roles on the frontend registration page – editable/selectable from within the moderation admin section – a new user can choose from when registering, which in turn – depending on that role – will require admin/email/none confirmation. (if no roles are selected in the admin no dropdown is displayed and it defaults as was)

    question is: is that something you are having planned to integrate – ( i couldnt really find a plugin that does this elegantly – if at all) ?



    PS: my hack works just fine from what i can tell – in my install anyway – but it would of course be great to be able to update any further updates of your plugin without loosing those edits – never mind the fact, that it’s your plugin and I would not assume that I have not missed anything.

    if its of any use, i’d of course be happy to send my edits to you .

    PPS: i hope the above makes sense somewhat. happy to expand if required

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