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  • Hello, I also have the double login form problem after upgrading to version 4.4.

    I used to love this plugin. Worked brilliantly, no fuss, did exactly what you wanted.

    Since the latest update it’s just hideous.

    Double login form?

    Forcing a login link on my navigation? (something I had purposely removed).

    And what’s with the options you’re given when you log into your blog now? I know you can go straight to Admin through the redirects but why change something that was working?

    Seems that this plugin is now trying to do more than is required of it. I’m looking for a replacement that does what it USED to do.

    Same here with the double login for two sites I updated.

    I also had the double login problem. But I got rid of it by deleting and saving the page without the ‘[theme-my-login-page]’ tag, and then put it back and save it again. Poof, it was normal again.

    The new navigation links are fine, but better make them optional, or at least allow people to adjust the link text, e.g. because of localization issues.

    Thanks for the plugin!

    Same here. Double login form after upgrade to 4.4.

    Hopefully, there will be a fix soon.

    I tried what you recommended above and this is what worked for me:

    To fix the double login problem, I just deleted the Login page from my list of pages, and DIDN’T even replace it. That fixed the double login form, double login titles completely.

    The plug-in now seems to generate its own Log In page.

    Also, for those of you who want better control over the links visible, if you go into the settings of the Theme My Login plug-in there’s a feature for redirects, as well as a feature to control the links you can see.

    There’s also a feature to control the email messages. It would be cool if the developer could explain better the email feature, so we don’t have to use trial and error to figure out what those emails options are all about.

    Hope this helps.

    Same here. I have to login forms.

    Also I see all available comments undermy login page!
    Maybe this is a side effect with the plugin “Simple Tags”

    Reinstalled 4.3.4

    I agree, double log in, the plugin now fails to work.

    If anyone has 4.3.4 on a zip, i’d be very grateful if they could send it to me? dermod @



    Version 4.4 now generates it’s own page “on-the-fly”, not using a static WP page. In the early release I had forgotten to take into consideration that everybody would already have a static “Login” page from the previous versions. However, within a day I committed a fix for that problem that respects a custom “Login” page if it exists (must be titled “Login”) or creates one on the fly if it doesn’t. So, if you haven’t yet, delete the plugin and re-download/re-install it.

    If you need the login page to show up in your page list, create a page titled “Login” and use the following shortcode:

    [theme-my-login show_title="0" before_widget="" after_widget="" instance="tml-page"]

    If you don’t want it in your pagelist, simply delete the page “Login” and it will be dynamically generated each time it is called.

    As far as all the comments showing up on the login page, I am looking for a viable fix for this. This happens because the dynamic page doesn’t have an ID, so your template is pulling up ALL comments for ALL ID’s.

    To ride559: I don’t even understand all that your saying. Just know that the plugin is available for FREE and it will not bother me ONE BIT if you stop using it, since it is so hideous.

    Also, a usage guide can be found here (still in progress).

    thanks puting that added shortcode in login page help thanks jfarthing84

    not for all that shortcode help me! 😛 but i figure it out
    i delete wp-login.php and login page create by theme my login and change my Permalink Settings Default to Day and name
    this fix the double login,register
    for newbee in wordpress and php it take me nearly 2hrs to fix
    so there goes the new version works

    You did not need to delete wp-login.php. In fact, I highly recommend that you replace it, for if something goes wrong with the plugin, you can still login with wp-login.php.

    what do you mean by replace it i didnt actually delete the wp-login.php
    i just rename it to wp-login.php.bak and back it up, So is that the reason my friends have big problem in plugin manage page it said” theme my login didnt have valid header and wordpress 2.91 deactivate by it self


    “The plugin theme-my-login/theme-my-login.php has been deactivated due to an error: The plugin does not have a valid header.”

    Hi, Really nice plug!
    However, in combination with the new Meebo Bar the Javascript seems to get messed up. On the http://www.[sitename].com/login/?action=register&instance=tml-1 It repeats itself three times and then adds “’})”>”. Which snippet needs to be “closed” in the code?
    Live example:

    Or might this be caused by the same problems as mentioned above?

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