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  • Plugin Author Inigo Gonzalez


    Hi peppi,

    Please, what’s your problem? 99% of the time are the themes that breaks our installations.

    Best regards

    Ps. TheCartPress has been downloaded more than 50.000 times, and the community has more than 1600 members . I think that TheCartPress is one of the best eCommerce solution for the WordPress platform.

    i dont think thats the problem

    a fresh install
    twentyten or twentyeleven template
    and the shoppingcart stays empty when you add some product

    i know the plugin should work because i have seen some shops that use this

    the problem is when you install something it should work and dont have to do any modifications or whatever tricks to get it to work
    i have read many people who also have this problem and there is no solution for it

    so my 2cents would be that the devs should reconsidder it and come up with a working product
    until that time comes i think its a waste of time to even try this plugin

    Plugin Author Inigo Gonzalez



    Please, Could you download

    Best regards

    Peppi, these nice dev guys do their work for free!
    So I think that any complain should be shown up in a nicer way.
    On the other hand, this plugin just works for me with any other tweaks.
    Well, I found the management of the settings somehow unhandy (especially when is about the “loops” ) but maybe is just me , a poor artist.

    First off all thnx mr Inigo Gonzalez i will give it a try this weekend and ofcourse when it works its super that you guys fxt it so quick

    second mr chiriacdc actually it does not matter if its free or not its a product and it should work and if it doesn’t people should know
    maybe i could post it some what nicer indeed

    well i try to get it up and running but i still dont get the shopping cart error

    i made a fresh wordpress install
    then added the cartpress again on the twenty xx template

    so it should work or ??
    and it didn’t

    so for me this was all a waste of time and took me a good amount of time to play with this plugin

    if anyone has any tips on how to proceed from here please be my guest

    a load of crap does not work without to much magic
    other shop plugins work perfect without doing any magic trics

    support is alsovery litle

    Plugin Author Inigo Gonzalez


    Hi Peppi,

    I’m sorry that you waste your time. We have a FREE community to post your issues. About the plugin we have 2000 users in our community, and a hundred of eCommerce sites along the world.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Best regards

    very simple

    new install wordpress with the twenty xx template
    and the shop plugin does not work the shoppingcart is empty and stays empty

    i try to read as many as possible on this isseu and could not find the solution the only thing i could find is tips and tricks how to edit templates and other files to get the shoppingcart working

    so to me when somthing does not work is a load of crap
    wordpress should delete it from theire database because these ind of things are harmfull for the platform

    here is the support they have on this isseu

    so dont tell me there are many people who have it working without any problems
    there are still problems with the shopping cart


    Plugin Contributor thecartpress


    Hi Peppi,

    In those threads you can see that the problem would be if your PHP supports Session. WordPress doesn’t need session support, but we took thiat decision (we have a version with cookies, as we always said, TheCartPress is compatible with WordPress and it’s as customisable as WordPress is)

    There are several eCommerces plugins in the WordPress repository. Please, use one that meke you happy, but I’d like to see TheCartPress as one of the best of theme.

    Thanks for your patient.

    Best regards

    @ peppi
    I’ve simply installed the plugin and it just work.
    What is wrote here is true :

    At the present I use the latest WordPress and the Weaver II theme + another 15 plugins.
    I used the Cartpress with other themes, too in the past without problems.

    If I want to blame something that would be the way of configuration.

    MY ADVICE: IF ONE’S IQ IS not high enough (required average IQ) to deal with the plugin config then don’t install it.

    Peppi, is the “Hello Dolly” plugin working on your WP install?

    Plugin Contributor thecartpress


    Hi chiriacdc,

    We have completely redesigned the configuration pages for the next version (1.2)

    Best regards

    Inigo, thank you for the good news! and thank you also for the great plugin!
    Has the developing team planing an “auction” module for the plugin? Would be a nice addition to it….just asked…
    Warm regards.

    Plugin Contributor thecartpress


    Hi chiriacdc,

    It’s a good idea. Why don’t you ask in the community? Perhaps more people like the idea and we could create a crowdfunding project to get founds.

    Best regards

    @ chiriacdc

    first speak for yourself if you are talking about IQ
    the people who are talking about these things are mostly the dommest in the world and can not even wipe theire ass without asking help from theire mothers so dont start talking about my IQ

    second what has hello dolly got to do with the cartpress plugin?

    third i have like 20/30 wordpress sites running at the moment several forums VB and 2 dedicated servers all is working 110% just the cartpressplugin does not work

    asfar as the plugin go’s its not worth to try it because it takes to much trouble to make the shoppingcart work
    like i say before when i install a fresh wordpress with the latest version then only install the plugin the shoppingcart does not work

    however when i install the WOO commerce plugin i have no problems at all and it works in one go

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