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  • Hi Folks,

    I figured I’d give you a peek into what we have been up to.

    To kick it off, I’m sorry I’ve been a touch unavailable. I got a nasty case of the flu upon returning from my business trip to NY/DC. I need to focus on the business and my family this week because we are heading to the interactive section of SXSW on Friday and to the coworking barcamp. If you are going to be there and want to say hi, drop me a note. In short, I will probably be slow in replying to support for the rest of the month.

    We have a number of items queued up for 1.6:

    * Setting: exclude events from main loop
    * Event subcategories
    * Child theme support
    * iCal feed
    * CSS file en-queue
    * Unistall file
    * Elegant date fields (js cal)

    There is quite a lot more in the list but this should keep up busy.

    For eventbrite 1.6:

    * Import + sync with eventbrite (pulls in existing events)
    * Payment methods (set how eb pays you directly from wp)

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  • How about re-occuring events?

    I don’t think reoccurring events is going to make it into 1.6

    And the small widget issues I proposed? (Making the event itself a link and get rid of “More info”, and moving “View all events” to the bottom of the widget)

    Will this be in 1.6?

    Will the global map feature (a google map showing all events) be in 1.6?

    Any ETA on 1.6?

    And not to beat a dead horse here but pleeeeeeease add recurring events asap.

    I found some bugs in Trunk version (Version: 1.5.6). I have fixed them for my use.

    How can I contribute the changes back to you?

    Not to be a pest, but I have an issue noted here: (with screenshot) that is rendering the backend of my client’s site useless. I am certain that the calendar is the issue, as it does it with nothing else installed. I have donated to the plugin and would pay to have it fixed if necessary. Please help!


    Can you share the details with us please.

    Suggest you just start a new topic.

    Hi Folks,

    @kaj = yes

    @davemac = no (unless you do it and contribute it in the next week or two)

    @fuzzybunny = someday =), soon perhaps? we all got slammed with some amazing projects and as this is an evening thing, well, thats how it goes. Of course anyone daring is welcome to pull form trunk.

    @azizure – thank you so much – I have passed it on to the right contributor

    @spadilla – I’ll head over to the issue and take a look.


    I noticed that posts marked as private are not visible in the calendar view but they are visible in the list view. Is there a way to have private posts visible on the calendar for users with the proper permissions?

    Please advise,


    Oh, Never thought to check for that. Good catch G. I’ll create an issue for it.


    For updates, release information and tips about our open source plugins, follow us on twitter @justlikeair.


    Thanks! How can I find out when this matter is addressed?


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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