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    The largest change in 2.0 is the move from having events live in regular posts to the (somewhat new) WordPress custom post types. This means that events are no longer going to appear in your posts but rather in their own panel called events. Part of the process of upgrading is to move your events (we have a magic button).

    STEP -1: OOPS – I didn’t want to update. No problem, you can easily revert. Grab a copy of the version of the events plugin you want here: and add it to your plugins folder. Deactivate the new one and activate the old one your just upload. All better.

    Ready to Go?

    STEP 1: Before you do anything: BACK UP YOUR SITE. That way if you run into challenges you can revert if you have to. We use backup buddy and are extremely happy we do as we have had to restore numerous times over the years while playing with WordPress & Plugin updates.

    STEP 2: Click update in the plugin admin or download and add it manually.

    STEP 3: Migrate! In order to migrate your events after you activate the plugin, you will need to visit the setting panel and click the “Migrate Data!” button. We have some screenshots of the process on our FAQ.

    STEP 4: Reset your permalinks (go to settings > permalinks > hit save). We’ve noticed that a lot of weird issues people have often get solved by this easy step.

    STEP 5: Walk through the setting. The place the most people will run into challenges will be with Themes. We have a new theme integration approach that allow you to pick from any page template (screenshot) the theme offers or from the default event templates we bundle with the plugin. Try different options to see what looks best. If we get lucky, your theme will play nicely and one of these will work out of the box. If not, then you have a few options. There is a before / after html set of text areas to allow you to add any divs etc you might need. Often the issue is simply a little missing css on your main content div and can be added to your theme css file. This may take some noodling. We wish the you the best of luck. Feel free to ask the community for help on this step. People have been great. The plugin devs won’t help on this step unless you have uncovered a legit bug with the plugin as supporting the 100k+ themes in the world is basically impossible and we all want them to stay focused on making awesome features.

    STEP 6 (OPTIONAL): Dealing with custom templates. If you have been noodling in code, odds are extremely high you are going to have to make some fixes.

    The path from open source 1.6.5 to 2.0 has been a long one with years of evolution. As you can imagine the template tags, queries & css have significantly changed over time. The odds of a highly customized theme upgrading cleanly is unlikely. While it may not be a ton of work, some is inevitable. We are actively working on documentation this week and will have it up soon at as it comes out. There are already quite a few items in the FAQ and you are welcome to search the PRO forums to find answers as it fills out.

    Please let us know where you get stuck as you go through the migration process. While we won’t help you code your site, we are on the active lookout for bugs. The more clarity we can get, the faster we can patch those suckers and get everyone an update.

    Hope you all enjoy the significant effort we have put into the new version once you get through the migration and get up and running.

    One quick note: PRO WON’T FIX YOUR SITE. If you are having any issues with the free version, adding PRO won’t make any difference. All PRO offers are some additional features to help you accomplish more awesome things.

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  • p.s. you should check out the Page Links To plugin. I have used it in the past for a client who wanted to show their calendar as a page link. They had sub-pages and all of that so this plugin made the job much easier than using a custom menu.

    Hi Shane,

    I just added custom menu support to the theme, which was very easy to do. Now I suppose I need to replace my standard Categories menu with a custom menu and add some upcoming events and all should be well.


    As for why it says you have posts in events but none show, that might be a bug with the migration potentially. I’ll have rob see if he can reproduce it.

    It may be. The admin shows that I have posts in the events category but then they are not there. This may also be what causes the old category link to continue to show on the public side of the site. Normally links for categories that have no posts in them do not show.

    I just upgraded to 2.0.1 and with the custom menu in there everything seems to be working fine. Thanks for the help.

    Is there a way to make the events appear on the main blog page? Would you have to use query_posts and make sure that the custom post type is included in the query?

    p.s. got it thanks…

    Works great. The only problem is that all of the posts say “Posted in” and there is no link to the category. Of course I could just remove that link from the template, but it would be nicer to make it work.

    Seems like with 2.0.1 and that code in functions.php the calendar doesn’t display at all. The calendar link displays the one event as a regular post with the magazine-style homepage template regardless of which Events Template I choose.

    If I remove the code from functions.php the calendar is back and seems to work fine. It would be nice to have the events show on the home page since most of the posts on this site are events.


    Two more little things…

    If I specify a Featured Image in the post, it shows up below the Google map full-size and then shows again in the post with the size and placement that I specified.

    The Google map is way zoomed out and not practical to use. If I put the same address into I get a nice close-up map that shows the local streets. If I include a Google map link in the event post, it also links me to a nice local map.


    I believe I have done everything as discussed but I am still having problems. My events and calendar are showing up as blank pages. I have tried to run the debug and do not find any errors. Although I am not a computer programmer and may have done it wrong. I thought I had a proper back up prior to the upgrade. However, my backup was for the database only. I am concerned that this may not be where the event data was stored. I am thinking that the easiest thing would be just to go back to the old version. I thought though that I read on a previous post that you can not do this if you have migrated the events which I have.

    Can someone please help me. I am at my witts end. This has been broken for over a week and I have events next week that I need to market.

    Thank you so much.

    Your calendar is now at

    You can use a custom menu to change the link or the Page Links To plugin.



    Your calendar appears just fine at

    and the event list version at

    (but your site seems slow)



    Darn Skipper! 🙂

    Thank you Jonas and bwp…I really appreciate your help. I agree the site is extremely slow. Unfortunately it is way over my head on how to fix it. I have been told that it is because I have too many plugins and drop down menus. I have someone working on possibly switching a lot of the site to something other then word press and just running the blog on word press.

    Thanks again for your help.



    I don’t know about that, tbrosman. Before leaving WordPress I’d take a close look at your web host. If you’re on a shared server it’s quite likely it’s simply overloaded. (A good host will be glad to move you to a less busy server.)

    If you have Firefox, try the Yslow add-on. It can often tell you why your site is slow.

    A simple way to tell if it’s because of plugins is to temporarily deactivate them all and see if that fixes the problem.

    As @bwp said you can also call your host and see if they can move your site to a server that has less traffic, or to a dedicated server.



    Of course if your host uses CPanel or a similar interface, they probably already offer tools to monitor your resource use. If you are running under 50% of your allowances, then the blame may lie with them…



    Is there no way to make this walkthrough/upgrade guide sticky? It would help out a lot of people.

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