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  • Well, here’s something that I didn’t try from

    Update your permalinks to ensure that the event specific rewrite rules take effect.

    I uploaded 2.0, deactivated 1.6.5, activated 2.0, re-saved my permalinks structure. Now I get this error on every page of the site when logged in, a login box asking for a user name and password, and displaying this message:

    A username and password are being requested by http://myurl.ext. The site says: “WP-Files”

    Great! It still happens after reverting back to the old version of the plugin as well. BTW there is no point in posting the actual URL. The only page you can see without logging in is the home page, and the error only happens after you’ve logged in. It’s a good thing I have this beautiful day off so I can get stuck dealing with this. Very frustrating.

    Luckily, that turned out to be easy to fix…

    BTW 2.0 didn’t work even after re-saving the Permalinks structure. It was the same as before. The events displayed as regular posts.

    p.s. I did see the message at the bottom of the plugin settings page this time, but I didn’t click the button because it says it can’t be undone and the other problem had started, so at that point I didn’t want to do anything that can’t be undone.

    @eworldlinx What happened after you clicked that button? You said that the plugin is still broken but did not say what it is or is not doing, whether you are getting any error messages, etc. Also it may be that you can’t revert to the previous version of the plugin after clicking that button. I don’t know exactly what it does, but it does say that it can’t be undone.

    I don’t see a migration notice in the settings either. Is it possible it is only in the Pro version. They certainly want to sell that Pro badly–totally abandoning the users of the free plugin. Instruction videos all aimed at Pro users.

    I fortunately did not have a ton of events, so just moved each one individually.

    Am I still missing a migration notice that would have saved me moving older events one by one?

    Is there a way to get the calendar to show up on my Events Page? Or is the only place it shows up is when someone clicks on the event on the sidebar?

    The blog is

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Hi Everyone,

    Any upgrade this large is going to be a bit of an adventure. We apologize that we were not able to give a better warning (there are real technical limitations for this). We are definitely listening and going to try to help guide you through it so that we can learn where the roadblocks are, improve the app and the documentation.

    I have a specific request for you when reporting issues so that we might be able to test and see if we can recreate them. If you could provide some detailed information that would be deeply appreciated!

    Sample Bug Report: When I install 2.0 and look in settings I do not see the “Migrate Data!” button shown in the FAQ.

    Reproduce: Take a look at the following screencast (link to screencast). As you can see, I have events, the I activate 2.0, deactivate 1.6.5, click on the settings panel and do not see the button. I have zipped a backup of my DB so that you can test.

    Setup: WordPress 3.2.1 | The Events Calendar 2.0 | Events Calendar Pro 2.0.1 | Thesis Theme Version XXXX | PHP 5.2.17 | Apache

    Plugins: I have the following plugins active: All-in-One-SEO, Jetpack, …

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Thanks for your comments Jonas Grumby, gdyer911, bleggate, eworldlinx, MobileFoodNews, ut99x. I’ll try to address them in one take below:

    The largest change in 2.0 was moving from regular posts to the somewhat new WordPress custom post types. This means that events are no longer going to appear in your posts but rather in their own panel called events.

    Before you do anything: BACK UP YOUR SITE. That way if you run into challenges you can revert if you have to. We use backup buddy and are extremely happy we do as we have had to restore numerous times over the years while playing with WordPress & Plugin updates.

    In order to migrate your events after you activate the plugin, you will need to visit the setting panel and click the “Migrate Data!” button. We have some screenshots of the process on our FAQ. Don’t forget to reset your permalinks afterwards and check the new slug in the settings to make sure it is the one you want.

    The place the most people will run into challenges will be with custom templates. The path from open source 1.6.5 to 2.0 has been a long one with years of evolution. As you can imagine the template tags, queries & css have significantly changed over time. The odds of a highly customized theme upgrading cleanly is unlikely. While it may not be a ton of work, some is inevitable. We are actively working on documentation this week and will have it up as it comes out. There are already quite a few items in the FAQ and you are welcome to search the PRO forums to find answers as it fills out.

    Please let us know where you get stuck as you go through the migration process. While we won’t help you code your site, we are on the active lookout for bugs. The more clarity we can get, the faster we can patch those suckers and get everyone an update.

    Hope you all enjoy the significant effort we have put into the new version once you get through the migration and get up and running.

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    VeraMarie, I could see how you might feel abandoned but that is not the case. While we won’t be on this forum daily (more like weekly or so), we are listening and actively working on the core open source plugin.

    The migration tool should be there if you have any old events to move. The migration button only shows if you had events to move, so if they are not there for any reason, the button does not appear.

    The plugin uses rewrite rules to show the calendar. It will depend on your permalink settings where the calendar lives. You can add the calendar to your menu quite easily. Simply go to the wordpress menu in appearances and choose events from the events panel (if you don’t see the events menu panel you can add it from the screen options tab at the top right of the admin). I’ve attached a screenshot:

    @jonas. The “broken” I am referring to is mostly display related. The default template breaks out of the theme, an inherent problem with the plugin. I am using ithemes builder theme on the site in question.

    The upcoming events function returns “no upcoming events” when the list tab is selected in the calendar view. The upcoming events show in the widget, however.

    @shane. Thanks for your work and for you paying attention here. I will likely purchase your pro version as the improvements are dramatic and your free version is the best calendar plugin available purposes, Annual licensing sounds a bit microsoftish. Charge me for an upgrade. I am fine with that. But if the plugin ceases to function without license renewal that won’t work.

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    @eworldlinx – the add-on will work in perpetuity even after the license expires. The license offers access to upgrades and support. If you don’t renew, you can use the plugin until the day that it is so far diverged from the WordPress core that it implodes. =)

    Our reasoning with an annual license is simply that the people who want the new features are the ones who pay for it (rather than the ponzi scheme of having to always find new users to support the moochers who bought 5 years ago and haven’t contributed since).

    I can’t get this plugin working for me at all aither. I’m using Modest theme and have installed and activated the plugin and created an events category and a post but I can’t find a way to display either the main calendar page (have tried creating a page called ‘events’ to no avail) or the post itself. Have I missed an option somewhere?

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Hi Loofah – it is a fairly simply process. We have a walkthrough tutorial for setting up your first event. You can see how to config the menu about 9 mins into the video. It was for pro, but the process is essentially the same minus a few features and will get your up and started. There are a few other help videos worth checking out as well and more to come.

    Thanks Shane, I had a look through the video and there may be a conflict or problem with working in the theme I’m using as the events aren’t listed as an option to add under ‘appearance–menus’. I’ll keep at it and see if I can fix it.

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Loofah, did you check in “screen options” tab to see if it was off for some reason?

    Good call on the screen options! Thanks

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