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  • Same here…

    Same. I have Genesis frame work with a Mocha child theme and on upgrading there is nolonger any events. Just standard blog pages? If I go to make a new event/ post the drop down to insert event details is not appearing either, it is as if the plugin is not activated or installed?
    Love to hear the solution as I am sure this will be a fantastic plugin.

    Now I am having to say I need to look at this.
    There is a conflict with Sexy bookmarks for some reason which was spitting out code (so just deactivated), Also there is a new tab to make new events (I see it now) and as for my old events, just need to work out how to get these showing. Must be an import or moving files around. Not sure as yet.

    I’m using Magazine Premium by C.Bavota
    Upon upgrading the plugin I lost the entire panel from the post.
    I had to restore the plugin folder from yesterday to the older version.

    Although the plugin was activated…I lost all of the capeabilities of the plugin.

    Upon restore everything returned.

    When an upgrade includes such major reconfigurations better communications is needed.

    It appears that after bugfixes this plugin has been improved dramatically and I appreciate that work. But the update release was premature and/or poorly communicated.

    I did find the migration notice in the settings and the events were restored but theme adaptations and possible plugin conflicts are a major concern.

    Maybe I should have waited on the migration until reading this string. I hope there is a more complete update in the very near future.

    I did the update to the event calenday plugin. After that, calendar disappeared. I deavtivarted and reactivated, still NOTHING! Events are still in the backend, but calendar is not showing on the EVENTS category page.

    @mobilefoodnews Hopefully you back up your theme & plugins once in a while…

    Just to be concise in case the developer is reading this, I have the problem of 2.0 not working at all, and in 1.6.5 I have two problems, which you may have already addressed.

    One is that the time drop-downs do not always appear unless “All Day Event” is selected, which is not when they are supposed to be there. You need to set the times when it is not an all day event. Saving the post as a draft seems to set it right.

    The second is that past events do not appear on the calendar, but if you click forward a month and then back, they re-appear.

    Thanks for any help.

    As I mentioned, I have no calendat showing on my “EVENTS” category page. When I go into th dashboard uinder the EVENTS tab, I can see the events listed though.

    Hopefully the developers are reading these. I need to upgrade to Pro so i can get some help. Also, looking forward to the Community Event plug-in as well.


    Well, as I mentioned, if you have a backup you can put the old version of the plugin back via FTP and it will work.

    I wish I was that smart to have backed it up.

    I have version 1.6.5. I could email it to you. AFAIK that was the most recent version before the release of 2.0.

    In general, you can get into trouble by doing automatic upgrades. You can have multiple versions of a plugin or theme on your server if you upload them via FTP. I wouldn’t attempt to activate them simultaneously, but you can switch back & forth. So, say you download a plugin, and the folder name is testplugin. Change the folder name to testpluginv1-6-5 before uploading. This indicates the version number in the folder name which is kind of handy. It also allows you to have more than one version of the plugin on your server. So, when you upgrade by uploading a folder called testpluginv1-6-6, deactivating the old one and activating the new one, you have a backup on your server and you can easily switch back or eventually delete the old plugin. The rules are pretty much the same for themes.

    So, automatic upgrading of plugins & themes is convenient, but if you manually upgrade you don’t have to delete the previous version from the server, and don’t have to worry about making a backup.


    This was the worst expirience i ever had with a plugin! :/ I lost all the data, finally because i had a back-up i lost just a week of work.

    I love this puglin i hope they find a solution.


    From Chile

    @ut99x Your data should not be gone. The plugin didn’t erase your posts. What happens now if you click on the Events category?

    Use the link above (my previous post) to get the previous version and put it back via FTP.

    @eworldlinx I haven’t seen any “migration notice in the settings” but I will look for that.

    @jonas, it was near the footer of The Events Calendar settings. I clicked it and the events data reappeared but the plugin is still broken. I’d assume since you reverted and the data was restored the problem is strictly path related.

    I think I’ll resist my urge to fix the problem by buying the pro version and do as you did and revert. There appears to be some really nice added features but there should have been more effort notifying users of such a major upgrade. A forum post is not sufficient. A warning in the control panel would have been more considerate.

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