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  • also after upgrading… The new Event posting window does not include the Featured post image…
    I’m using a magazine theme by C.Bavota

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Hi gdyer,

    for the featured image, have you checked the screen settings tab for it? We haven’t touched that. It shows on my version.

    As for permalinks, I am confused by your statement. Could you explain the behavior you were expecting versus the behavior you are seeing?

    Hey Shane…

    After migration my events show a permalink of %post% name. My default is the WP default of post # ie.. ?p=6190
    I cannot get any of my old post/events to change back to the WP default.
    I go to the permalinks…and select the default. Nothing changes.
    So I have 47 migrated events/post that are lost on my site..,

    Hope that makes better sense… even if I go back to 1.65…they are still gone…


    When I go back to 1.65 – it shows 47 events – when I go to view them it only shows 2 post…

    I’m stumped…

    Basically…I can only see my old events if your ver 2.0 plugin is activated.. other than that they disappear.

    Can I reverse the migration process? or what field in the database sets them invisible that I can manually change back…or am I faced with a full restore?

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    oh no that sucks.

    ok, so #1 to revert your data you do indeed have to restore from a backup. =( I noted that in our how to migrate tutorial:

    As for the permalinks, you are basically wanting to use default wp permalinks with events is that correct? The reason you are having issues is that we actually have a bug (reported) with non-pretty permalinks and we are working on fixing that. I’m sorry that it has caused you trouble. Hopefully the patch for that will be out in 2.0.2 (we are already in code freeze with 2.0.1).

    Yes…that’s correct.

    So is pretty permalinks a solution for me in this case…if I convert all of my post to %post% will they all show up?

    I can see the old post in my DB…and the old permalink %page_num%…and using the “custom permalinks” plugin I can manually rename them to their old page # permalink…but they stil do not show.

    ** What’s funny is I can see the “events” when ver 2.0 is active and they show with a “everyting” category
    When I disable and reactivate 1.65 it shows 47 post in the “events” category…buy when I ‘view’ them it only shows 2 post…and none of the missing events display when I ‘view’ all post..

    Is there any ‘switch’ in the DB to revive these or re- categorize the post as ‘events’ and ‘everything’

    Sorry for babbeling but I’m trying to make this a learning process also..without restoring the entire site and possibly causing myself more work if that goes awry.



    Is there some code where I can get rid of the /event/ on single event posts since the settings doesnt work.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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