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  • holgee


    After Updating The Events Calendar Plugin to 2.0.2 the call of the event start date is not working ?

    this is what i used and what works fine in the previos version (2.0.1)

    <?php echo tribe_get_start_date(); ?>

    Are there any changes regarding this ?

    Thanks in advance for help !!!


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  • +1. I’m getting the same issue post-upgrade.



    I am getting the same issue as well, post-upgrade.

    I just submitted a bug report via email to the tribe email account. I’d encourage everyone to do the same or to add it to this thread in their forums if you have a PRO account:

    I’ve gotten confirmation from Tribe that they’ve passed on my report to their QA team, but if we can give them more reproducible instances of the bug, figuring out a solution should be easier.

    If you submit a bug, help them out and use their requested format on

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Thanks for reporting this, guys. We’ve got the devs looking at it now – I’m unable to recreate on my end, but since you’re all reporting it there sounds to be something definitely up. If you can post more about your situation here, as mrwweb suggests, I’ll be checking it consistently this week and can pass that on to the team accordingly to make sure this is addressed as soon as possible.

    Thanks, roblagatta.

    FWIW, it’s not an issue with recurring events. I don’t have any.

    I’m poking around further and will see if I can produce the bug in other ways.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Right – this doesn’t sound recurrence-specific, since free doesn’t include recurring events anyway.

    Nick Ciske


    Confirmed as a bug that crept into Events 2.0.2. Fix to be released shortly

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey guys, just a heads up that while we’re fixing this for 2.0.3, Nick has put together a brief blog post on a workaround that can fix it in the interim. Hopefully this will help: Let us know if it doesn’t, and apologies for the inconvenience.



    Applied the patch, still doesn’t fix the issue, hope this isn’t the “committed solution” for v2.0.3, because it’s not fixing the issue.

    This did work for me.

    Nick Ciske


    werm42 – This is the patch going into 2.0.3 as it does fix the bug. Can you provide some more details on your issue so we can look into it?



    I am a brand new user of The Events Calendar because I had to migrate a standalone WordPress 3.0.4 site into our WordPress 3.2.1 multisite network. The month view is pretty nice; I could see budgeting for the Pro version next FY.

    Anyway, I upgraded their events from version 1.6.4 to 2.0.2 of The Events Calendar, and I noticed the Start Date, End Date bug mentioned here, and the hotfix from Nick Ciske’s blog post solved that problem. Which is great, because the missing Date was causing some weird alignment issues in the tribe-events-event-meta section.

    However, I am still noticing another odd problem with the way the Events List Widget interacts with the individual event page. Before the hotfix, when the individual event was displayed, and that upcoming event was in the sidebar, both the start and end date for that event were missing in the sidebar; just a hyphen. And other event in the sidebar was missing the end date. Example:

    January 30, 2012 8:15 pm –
    Susan Stewart & Mark Strand

    Terrance Hayes

    After the hotfix, the former was fixed, but not the latter. The end date does not display for the other event. You can see problem swapped between the two sidebar events at both links.


    And another possible bug with the widget. When paging back to older entries from the main page, the upcoming events disappear from the Events List Widget.


    Also, not to hijack the thread with a completely different bug (or feature?), but on the same Poetry site, I noticed that the site authors had never filled in an Organizer. So on all of the individual event pages, it filled in the Organizer field with the Event Title. Even though the Organizer Name is still blank in the Edit Event screen. See the two individual event links above and this one:


    Nick Ciske


    Pastebin updated — should fix the end date issue.



    Yes, the updated Pastebin version fixed the end date issue in the sidebar widget. Thanks.



    Hi, I just applied the patch.
    Pre patch, the function output nothing.
    Post patch it is outputting today’s date, rather than the event date.

    wp: 3.2.1
    tec, tec pro: 2.0.2

    <div class='month'><?php echo tribe_get_start_date( null, false, 'M' ); ?></div>
    <div class='day'><?php echo tribe_get_start_date( null, false, 'd' ); ?></div>

    fwiw, this is in my local testing environment.

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