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  • jblair56


    I am having the same issue…

    Same, I think mine is picking up the post publish date as the event date. The event starts in 3 days time but when I go into the event it says it started an hour ago (when I published it). It’s displaying the correct date on the list page tho

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey folks. Thanks for reaching out here, and for reporting this issue. While we were having an “Events Have Passed” issue in earlier builds, that should be fixed as of 2.0.6. Can you all confirm that you’re running 2.0.6? I’m unable to recreate this on my default 2011 install but I want to try to look into it further for you.

    If you could also share your timezone settings (as configured under Settings -> General), I’ll try to recreate your setup from there and see if we can get to the bottom of this. Thanks for your patience so far.

    Hi, I just wanted to confirm that I am running version 2.0.9 and still having this issue, albeit sporadically. I have a few events scheduled for next week and some of them produce the “This event has passed” warning while some others don’t. The timezone is set as US East Coast time.

    Not sure if it clarifies anything, but on the events that produce the warning, instead of going to the proper URL, they direct to the venue’s page. If I simply copy/paste the proper URL, the event page loads without giving the warning. Also, when clicking the event from the calendar view, the proper URL shows up at first, but before loading, changes to the venue’s URL.

    For example, instead of loading this page.
    Instead, I get this page.

    Here’s a link to the calendar

    Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hi adrianfr1010. Thanks for reporting this…that’s an odd issue. Have you been able to check whether there may be a conflicting plugin in here that could be causing this, specifically if you’ve got any that focus on redirection or altering permalinks/slugs in any way?

    Roblagatta, thanks for your help! The site had been using the Redirection plugin. Since it was only being used for one particular redirect, I just deactivated it (less than ideal, but it solved the problem). I’m not sure why this plugin had been causing trouble with The Events Calendar (particularly because it only caused the error with certain events and in a seemingly inconsistent manner).
    I was wondering if you had heard of any similar issues with Redirection or had any advice on how to avoid this issue were I to reactivate Redirection.
    Again, I appreciate your help.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Glad to be of service, adrianfr1010. Thanks for confirming about this…looking through our forum archives, it’s funny because I see one recent post where a user did note a conflict with Redirection (…but another where a user specifically noted that he vouches for it playing nicely with Redirection (

    At this point the “not working smoothly” answer seems more appropriate, based on the fact that you’re having problems as well. Since Redirection is such a widely used plugin – over 1 million downloads on dot-org – I think it’s in our best interest to resolve this issue. No guarantees when it’ll be done but it is on the radar now as something we’ll try to troubleshoot for 3.0 lifecycle.

    If you happen to mention this to the Redirection devs and they note something our plugin is doing wrong or that goes against WordPress best practices, please let me know as we will definitely rectify that if so.

    Hope this helps and sorry I couldn’t offer up more in the short-term. Please let me know if you need anything else here or have other questions.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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