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  • Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Hi Everyone.

    Due to a mixture of circumstances, both personal and business, we will not be providing support for the open source version of The Events Calendar for a few months. We are well aware that this plugin is having problems with WP 3.0 and will discuss today in our group meeting if and how we can tie it off to be as stable as possible.

    Currently our efforts are going towards a new premium version of the plugin ( We have decided to release an open source version of the premium plugin here that runs about 2-3 versions behind the premium one. While we will be updating the open source plugin, we will not provide support. The cost of support is enormous and is what prompted us to move to a premium model in order to support it. Please note that even with the premium plugin, you are buying as is, through we strongly believe in providing the best support we can knowing this is not our day jobs (yet).


    For updates, release information and tips about our wordpress plugins or redmine core ux/ui, follow me on twitter @justlikeair.

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  • Thanks Shane,

    I am thinking about buying the premium version of this plugin but my client really wants to have a calendar widget in the sidebar. Will this feature be added anytime soon? Is there some way in the meantime to achieve this? If I can figure out a way to get this functionality, I will not hesitate to purchase the premium plugin. Much appreciated!


    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    By a calendar widget, do you mean a mini calendar?

    yes, that is exactly what I mean. Thoughts? This seems like a good stable plugin and I would love to use it, but the client really wants that mini calendar in the sidebar with events popping up on rollover.
    as seen in this plugin:

    Is this coming out in future release? anytime soon? We would even be willing to hire someone make this work. Let me know, and feel free to email me at with details. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Hi Rachel,

    I emailed you a copy of the code someone submitted to use a couple days back for that exact widget. We have not had time yet to review it so caveat emptor.

    Well darn. Keep us posted on when the premium version will come out.

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    hi shane,

    i was wondering if the new premium plugin includes built-in support for eventbrite…

    (and i’m really interested on the calendar widget too)

    thnks nd congrats for the plugin it makes managing events so easy.

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Hi gcamprodon,

    The open source eventbrite plugin does function with the premium plugin and we are going to release a premium version of the eventbrite plugin as well.

    We have just finished a version of the calendar widget and market it for the next release of the premium events plugin (any day).

    Thank you for the compliments!!

    Hey Shane, just started using the open source plugin for a project. Works great for the most part. I have it working fine in a fresh install of WordPress 3.0, so I don’t think there are much in the way of compatibility issues.

    Anyway, I have a question for you about the premium plugin, Will it support better template integration? One of the problems that I am running into is that the pages generated for the front-end user with your product tries to hijack the site template and integrate its own. The problem with this is that it can break the styles of a site, especially when your site is designed around using a sidebar. I have been able to fix this no problem, but this is a bit annoying to have to modify the plugin to work with the site template.


    The problem with this is that it can break the styles of a site, especially when your site is designed around using a sidebar. I have been able to fix this no problem,

    How exactly did you fix it? I cannot get my sidebar to show. I’m using Thematic with a Custom child theme and I think I’ve pretty much tried everything and nothing seems to work (short of hacking the actual plugin). Is there something special you did so that the plugin doesn’t take over?

    Thanks in advance, this has been driving me crazy!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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