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  • Hi All,

    1.6.2 fixes most of the recent 1.6 bugs and adds some features. This was supposed to be 1.6.1, but due to an svn flub by me, I had to push it on to 1.6.2. Here’s the changelog:

    = 1.6.1 =


    * override plugin css by putting a custom events.css in /wp-content/[your-theme]/events/
    * override calendar view by putting a custom table.php in /[your-theme]/events/
    * iCal import buttons added to calendar and list views


    * Russian added [Vsevolod Gavrilenko]
    * French updated [Boddhi]


    * new month previous and next links now translate
    * the calendar view tooltip on mouse hover now truncates the post content
    * state/province now shows properly on post edit page load

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  • Thanks, Justin! I just installed it.

    I’ve tried submitting some bugs on earlier versions in these forums, but they never receive a response and the issues are still in the latest version. Is there a different way I can report these problems?


    Thanks for the updates including the issue of template files only being overridden from template theme and not child theme. Also thanks for adding support for overriding events.css. Unfortunately this new code also does not support child themes.

    Please adjust your code so that it will also look in the stylesheet folder for custom events.css.

    if( file_exists( STYLESHEETPATH.'/events/events.css' ) ) {...


    Sorry about that. This is indeed the place for bugs. I looked through some of your posts and I remember fixing a couple of the problems. Do you mind giving me a summary of the biggest bugs that persist with this new version?


    Maybe I can learn something from this, not having used child themes…
    Can you test the below code and see if it holds water with your setup?

    Replace loadDomainStylesScripts() in the-events-calendar.class.php with:

    public function loadDomainStylesScripts() {
        load_plugin_textdomain( $this->pluginDomain, false, basename(dirname(__FILE__)) . '/lang/');
        $eventsURL = trailingslashit( WP_PLUGIN_URL ) . trailingslashit( plugin_basename( dirname( __FILE__ ) ) ) . 'resources/';
        wp_enqueue_script('sp-events-calendar-script', $eventsURL.'events.js', array('jquery') );
        if( file_exists( TEMPLATEPATH.'/events/events.css' ) ) {
            $templateArray = explode( '/', TEMPLATEPATH );
    	$themeName = $templateArray[count($templateArray)-1];
    	wp_enqueue_style('sp-events-calendar-style', WP_CONTENT_URL.'/themes/'.$themeName.'/events/events.css' );
        } else if( file_exists( STYLESHEETPATH.'/events/events.css' ) ) {
    	$templateArray = explode( '/', STYLESHEETPATH );
    	$themeName = $templateArray[count($templateArray)-1];
    	wp_enqueue_style('sp-events-calendar-style', WP_CONTENT_URL.'/themes/'.$themeName.'/events/events.css' );
        } else wp_enqueue_style('sp-events-calendar-style', $eventsURL.'events.css' );

    If this doesn’t work, can you provide your child theme directory structure and let me know if your’s is typical among child theme users? Thanks.



    Thanks for the help. Here’s a summary of what I’ve tried reporting elsewhere. I apologize that I’m listing only potential bugs; I like the plugin and don’t mean to be discouraging. Here are some issues I’ve encountered, from most to least problematic:

    • On lines 142 and 144 of template-tags.php, I had to change the_event_region to the_event_state, or else my events would not list the state at all. (I have “Default Country for Events” set to “United States” so I’m not sure why this is happening.)

    • In events-class-widget.php, the link to “View All Events” does not work if viewing a non-events category of blog posts. For example, if viewing, “View All Events” tries to link to instead of

    • Does the plugin either automatically create a category called “Events” or tell the admin to do so? I had issues with this when I first installed v1.5.

    • events.css includes definitions for tec-event-title and tec-calendar th that make reference to tooltip-title.png and grid-th-bg.png, respectively. But these images seem to be missing from the plugin’s installation package. Do I need to provide my own, or remove their references from the CSS?



    Hi Ken,

    I’ll take these on one at a time. For the first, I re-posted to bring attention to it for other users.


    Thanks, Justin. Each of these problems/solutions I’ve posted before; I’m happy to pass them along to someone whose messages actually get read. 🙂 Cheers.

    Can you exclude language instructions from google-maps link (hl=en), because it locking google`s language auto detect?
    And I have problem with styles: css classes of columns in the-events-calendar/views/single.php is equal. I can’t to set different width for columns in event page.


    Good call. The hl parameter is removed from the Google map link as of the next release.

    For the columns in single.php, changing the classes now might break some other peoples’ styles who already hooked into those names. We provide an override for the front-end view files. You can create your own single.php and place in /wp-content/themes/[your-theme]/events/.



    I recommend the following re styling:

    1. Read this CSS tutorial – and use it as a reference

    2. Use attribute selection to differentiate between things (check out Grouping/Nesting in the above link)… eg. If I come across class .someClass on 2 diff pages and want it to look different on each page, I’d most likely look at the <div> tags that the class is applied to OR encapsulated by – usually they are different – allowing you to have “unlimited” versions of the same class…

    – i.e. someClass can be done to display differently in the following case:

    <div id="firstDiv" class="someClass> and <div id="secondDiv" class="someClass">

    In your events.css you’d have:
    #firstDiv .someClass {} – and that would define the styles for the class someClass within any page element with the id firstDiv

    …you’d also have

    #secondDiv .someClass {} – and that would define the styles for the class someClass within any page element with the id secondDiv

    NOTE: when nesting classes, you MAY need to override style definitions in the first occurrence to ensure they are not inherited in the second

    Looking for some help – on this page:

    I need to adjust the calendar… but what is it? A widget? A plug in? The only place in the admin for me to edit things is basically a post, with EventsCalendarLarge inserted at the top. How can I edit the calendar without working on it via a post/page? I cannot even tell if it is part of the template, or some add-on, this is for a wordpress 2.8.6 site.

    Does anyone understand my pain?

    Ideally I would place the calendar on a page – but NOT as a ‘post’. Just as the widget/plug-in/whatever it is. hat would avoid the stupid date stamp that looks weird with a calendar.


    Your above link leads to a different calendar. Unless you’ve customized our templates, that appears to be a different plugin than The Events Calendar.

    Anyway, TEC works by automatically creating the category “Events” and lets you assign posts as events for that category. They then show up on both a calendar and list view. Since you need something that does not use posts for events, I’m guessing TEC is not what you’re looking for.



    Getting to your last two issues. Yes, TEC creates the category “Events”. This is currently the only way it works. Other options have been discussed, but as of now there are no solid plans to change it.

    I went through and got rid of the image calls that do not have associated images.



    Thanks! I remember when I installed TEC (v1.5), I already had a category with the slug “events” but the category name was “Upcoming Events”, which TEC apparently did not like. I don’t think I got a warning about that and wasn’t sure if its behavior had changed since then.


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