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  • Hi I have posts that belong to a sub-categories. For example,

    A post X belongs to:
    play > concerts

    When such a post is made an event (and is automatically assigned to the Events category), then the sub category assignment is removed, i.e. it’s not assigned to “concerts” any more and I can’t get it manually assigned.

    Anything I can do to eliminate this auto unassignment?

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  • Has no one else experienced this issue?

    Can’t assign a post that is an EVENT to a sub category, on to other top level categories.


    This issue is only experienced with categories with a slug or name that is alphabetically less than the Events category. In other words, categories such as Activities, Concerts, and Eat are REMOVED from the post, but categories such as Festivals, Nightlife, and Travel are not affected. This is regardless of whether the category is a parent or child.

    Any ideas?

    Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    Sub cats of events are not supported at the moment. Subcat support is on the roadmap for 1.6 and should be out sooner or later.

    @salmangager: can’t the “Event”-category be renamed to z_events? to solve the problem?

    I found that you can get the subcategories to stick if you update your post when your done by doing a “quick edit”.

    I’m noticing that I cannot apply *any other* category to an Event, other than the default-for-this-plugin “Events.” Is this currently the scope? (I might understand why; for example, scope creep/possible issues of the display on any other category archive page besides “Events”)

    [Your contribution of this plug-in is greatly appreciated.]

    Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    That is correct, for the time being, events is THE special cat. Subcats are built into 1.6 and will be functional. I was hoping to allow users to rename the events category or choose another but it didn’t make it into the 1.6 release.


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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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