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  • Congratulations on taking a smart approach (using posts) to accomplishing something that should be a natural part of WordPress but seems to be very difficult to implement.

    I’m wondering if someone could give a concise update on an issue that’s not new – I’ve seen several posts talking about it – but addressing it would help people wanting to really embrace this plug-in.

    Theme Takeover – testing this plug-in, I found that it wipes out the navigation on the sidebar of my theme. Apparently, it wreaks even more havoc on some themes. I gather the problem stems from the plug-in’s use of the header and footer blowing away elements in between.

    I’ve seen reference to a workaround, but that seems unduly complex for most users and not in the spirit of encapsulation and plug-ins generally. The beauty and power of WordPress is how seamlessly it works…yes, you can tinker to your heart’s content, but you don’t generally have to. So, is this something that will have a self-contained fix in an upcoming release?

    I’m also wondering about one other item – more feature than problem

    Use of the Events Category – Am I correct that the current required use of the events category will change? And that sub-categories will be usable?

    When I installed the plug-in to test it, I already had an events category. This is a new blog, so that’s not necessarily a big deal, but I’m curious – can the current plug-in coexist with existing items that don’t belong to it but are in the events category?

    Thanks for what you’ve done!

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  • Howdy!

    In regards to the two issues you have brought up:

    1) Plug and play.

    If everyone just did the same thing this would be easy. But every theme maker approaches things slightly differently. The default templates we have designed and provide for free with the plugin work on the default theme provided with wordpress. We will be updating it when 3.0 comes out to work smoothly with the new default theme (

    If you choose to use a theme which does not comply with the default, then a little work will be required to make things behave with your custom approach. Ultimately, 70% of the issues I see is that the custom themes are not encapsulating the main column in its own div. For this reason we have built an entire system to allow your to use custom templates. It is fairly simple. All you need to do is copy the templates to your own theme and change as needed. For more read here:

    Basically – I wish I had magic pixie dust, but this is the closest we could get. If people wanted to create a thread for their custom theme choice and post advice for other people on how to fix it that would be awesome, but that is just too much support for us as we need to focus on dev issues.

    2) Events Category

    Allowing users to select the cat for events as well as sub cats will come out in the next release or so. It may be a little while but it is in the roadmap.


    Fair enough. I understand the position you’re in. And I’m happy to give it a go, but it’s a pretty daunting task to dig into the WordPress template world when all you want to do is use a plug-in.

    You said that 70% of the problems you see are due to themes not encapsulating the main column in its own div. Even with my admittedly limited knowledge, this makes sense and it is consistent with the problems I see with the template I’m using (Fluid Blue). It also seems like something that should be pretty straightforward to fix, if you know where to look. Therein lies the problem – at least for me. I’m not deep enough in WP structure to understand where to look. And I don’t want to blunder around too much. All that said would you (or some kind soul) be able to provide pointers to help me figure out where I should be looking to make the changes….even the neighborhood would help!


    Please do the following:

    start a new thread called “Fluid Blue Support” and ask people exactly what you need help with and provide a link so they can see the problem. The community will try to help.

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