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    Very happy with the Plugin, except for single page view on mobile Safari. Items with the Google Map being displayed stall out and never finish loading. Scrolling and zooming are disabled, and eventually Safari gives up and quits.

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  • This is on my iPhone 3GS. Nobody else seeing this? The plugin works fine on my desktop system in several browsers.

    If anyone cares, I ran the page through the W3C Mobile Checker, and it contains a critical error: The Google Map is contained in an iframe. Now, I am wondering if one of the WordPress plugins that generates a mobile friendly site version would help. Otherwise, I’ll have to figure out a way to tell a mobile browser not to load the Google Map.

    The Events Calendar plugin page on states that this forum is the way to communicate with the developers of the plugin. No other contacts are listed. I have posted a relevant issue with the plugin, and I have no way of knowing whether the developer has even thought about the issue. I wonder if the developer cares that their plugin breaks on iOS? I would appreciate it if someone on the development team would take a moment to acknowledge my post. Thanks.

    They’re probably concentrating on the paid/pro version and support for the old free version is up to you/us.

    Post a link and I’ll look at it when I have time.

    Thank you! Go to this page:

    It will load fine, but if you click on the Thanksgiving event link (example event link), it will attempt to load the event page, which contains a Google Map in an iFrame. W3C Mobile Checker said the iFrame is a critical error for Mobile Safari. All I know is that Safari on my iPhone stalls and finally crashes when this link is clicked.

    I should probably just buy the pro version, if it works on iOS. I built this site for a friend, who isn’t using it yet, but sooner or later somebody is going to try to use it on an iPhone.

    I tried looking at your page and it seems this is a common problem when embedding a Google map into an iframe.

    It looks fine on Firefox 3.6.13, Safari 5.0.2, and Chrome 8.0.552.224.

    On my old iPod Touch with iOS 3.1.3 it loads the page and the map but after the map appears it keeps doing something and the frame holding the map gets really, really tall, stretching way off the page.

    If you turn on the Develop menu in Safari you can send different user agents to see how Google sends a different looking map for mobile clients.

    The error console in Safari, Chrome, and Mobile Safari will all spit out a lot of cross scripting JavaScript security errors like this but Firefox doesn’t.

    Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL from frame with URL Domains, protocols and ports must match.

    This may be a bug in Safari and Chrome or just a result of them having a stricter same-origin security policy.

    If it’s important for the site to work in Mobile Safari I would suggest going with a simple solution and use the Show Google Map Link: option instead of the Show Google Map: option.

    Other than that you could try using the Google Static Maps API which delivers an image file instead of an interactive iframe. This would require editing the plugin file template-tags.php though.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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