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  • Our single page listings aren’t working.

    If you were to go to:

    and click on:

    You get:
    Error 404 – Not Found
    Sorry, the page that you are looking for does not exist.

    I wrote to the team the first time and they made these suggestions:

    * It could be a permalinks-related issue. Resave your permalinks page to reset them.
    * Make sure you’re running the latest version of the plugin (2.0.4).
    * Try to identify whether this is a conflict with another plugin. You can do so easily by deactivating any other plugins you’ve got active and checking whether the issue persists.
    * If it isn’t a plugin conflict, it may be a theme one. If after deactivating all other plugins the issue persists, please revert to the default 2011 theme and test whether it’s an issue there.

    I did all of these, and the permalinks one worked, for a couple of weeks.

    About a week ago it stopped working. I’ve done all of these steps again (including upgrading to 2.0.5) and it’s still not working.

    Next suggestions, please!

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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey Jill. Thanks for reaching out. So you’re saying this continues to occur on a default 2011 theme install, with no other plugins than The Events Calendar 2.0.5 active? If you could confirm that would be great, since in testing on my install that meets that criteria I see nothing out of the ordinary.

    If that doesn’t do the trick, let me know…it might be something to do with the fact that the plugin is installed within a ‘wordpress’ subdirectory (/events/wordpress/) rather than /events, but I’m not positive and would probably need to bring in another dev at that point.

    hey – i had this problem for a bit and found that I had changed the slug for the main calendar page but then changed it back to the original. For whatever reason, maybe permalink save twice trick, i re-entered the default slug (events) and everything worked. So there IS something funky in there, at least to me, if you change the slug- so maybe check that out?


    Single page event links are broken here as well. But instead of a 404, page not found error, clicking an event link just goes to “home” page.

    You can see here (as of April 6, 2012):

    The only event listed is 4/21 click that and you’ll get the same error jill binder is getting.

    You can also switch to EVENT LIST and try that link, same deal.

    I’m confident the plugin is installed with all the other plugins, but as I’ve tried this all plugins are inactive.

    There are other questions, too. But until this single page event page listing issue is fixed, I don’t want to focus in case this just won’t work.

    I plan to buy developer version of PRO but gotta make it work!

    thanks for help !!!!


    Further testing. Perhaps didn’t notice cuz of Safari cache.

    But there is a plugin called Redirection:

    And it seems this plugin has a conflict with The Events Calendar Plugin.

    Not sure why, but this redirection plugin has close to 1 million downloads

    And since I’m working on a site that is a rework of a website last updated in 2006, the redirection plugin is important as the entire architecture of the site is changing – cuz it must.

    Any clue on why or what can be done to make these plugins work together?


    Plugin Conflict Redirection Plugin The Events Calendar Plugin WordPress

    Please note that no Redirections have been added to this plugin, it’s merely the activation of the plugin w/o any settings or redirections that conflict with The Events Calendar Word Press plugin/

    Hi, I don’t have time to read through all of this properly right now, but I will answer roblagatta first question: confirmed that it didn’t work even when all plugins were off and 2011 theme was on.

    You mean /wordpress/events/, yes? (Being in the wordpress directory is temporary. Once it goes live, I’m going to move everything to public…)

    I have used the Redirection plugin extensively with The Events Calendar 2.04, 2.05 and 2.05 Pro and have no problems with compatibility

    I realise you have problems when using it but suspect the root cause may lie elsewhere

    On your site the event/peace throws an error as you say:

    If you change the URL to events/peace it rewrites to event/peace – try it

    This suggests very strongly that there are some redirects setup. This may be the problem. Check the configuration of the Redirection plugin

    There is one known bug with Redirection: settings in “Modified Posts” do odd things (Google for details). Try disabling Modified Posts and testing again

    Nick Froome


    You got a bit confused cause I joined this thread with a similar problem. So I’m not

    But I did look at the Redirection plugin and saw there were 301 redirects generated automatically, I guess, and sitting in a modified post group.

    I disabled this modified post group and the single event is working.

    I didn’t bother googling the redirection bug, but that must be the problem. Not sure why it does that , but that must be the bug!


    That’s it! It’s the fact that somehow wordpress or the plugin is smart enough to fix the “typo” between events and event. I used a completely different word for the single posts and now it’s working.

    Thank you @roblagatta, @worldrider, and @bolide.


    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Excellent to hear this got you where you needed to be, Jill. Let us know if anything else comes up down the road.

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