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    all the views (month, day and post marked with category “Events”) do not show the sidebar. How can I show it?

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  • I have the same issue…

    First caveat, I have no idea what I’m doing.

    To get the sidebar to show up, I went to the events.css (in the resources folder) and added a width of 620px and a float: left to the #tec-content ID selector (about half-way down). I then added the <?php get_sidebar(); ?> just above the include for the footer in the single, list, and calendar views.

    I am using Thematic and am trying to figure out the best way to make these overrides instead of plugin modifications…

    Not sure if this will be any help to you, but I had the same problem with the fluid-blue theme. You can see what I did in this post to the forum.

    I followed the various steps in another thread and have them listed in full here:

    1. create an ‘events’ folder in your Theme directory

    2. copy 3 Event Template files to the above folder:

    • gridview.php
    • list.php
    • single.php

    3. Edit each of the files as you please.
    To add the Sidebar: add an include right before the Footer include in the Event Template:

    <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH.'/sidebar.php'); ?>
    <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH.'/footer.php'); ?>

    4. Fix the footer include – it’s lacking a closing PHP bracket.

    5. Edit the ‘events.css’ file located here:

    6. .category-events #tec-content – controls the width, padding and background for the Calendar. Adjust as needed to fit your theme.
    – I used 620px width with Sidebar and created a second class with a width of 910px for the gridview with no sidebar.
    – I changed the padding margin etc so the Calendar fits seamlessly into my theme.

    I left the sidebar off for ‘gridview.php’ so the full calendar could be viewed without being squished.

    I added the sidebar foe the ‘list.php’ and ‘single.php’ views. I did so by creating a second #tec-content width:
    .category-events #tec-content1 (620px for my Theme)

    Thanks to the author shane.pearlman, tcsoul and sacredpractice for their notes in the other thread. I would have bailed on this excellent plugin without them!

    I’m fighting with getting the sidebar to appear properly. I figured it was my template so I’m using the default template. Here are the issues:

    1) When I click an events subcategory, the initial (default) list view doesn’t seem to use the CSS. It overlaps the borders of the default template. When I click the Event List button, it regenerates to the narrower width specified in the CSS.

    2) Even when I have the list view narrowed WAY down, the sidebar is still pushed under it.

    What I’ve changed:
    – Added sidebar to list.php right above footer and fixed the missing php close tag
    – Added second class “.category-events #tec-content-list” with reduced width to the CSS and edited list.php to use that.

    See it in action: click the NARS or GS Events subcategory

    Resolved: I was following the last example which didn’t have the float:left mentioned separately. I added that and all is well.

    Thanks to both of you, Snackmaster and illustrata!

    Edit: the first issue isn’t resolved but I’ll post separately about that if I can’t find it in older posts.

    Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    Hey Anton,

    Support for subcats will be coming out in 1.6, but at the moment the rewrite rules do not work on subcats, hence the issues you are referencing.


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    i am also having same issue.. i am using nicestar theme.. when i activate this plugin the sidebar disappear.. i was already tried all the way you given any suggestion…

    Thanks in advance..

    I’m having the same issue with single listing, and both calendar views. I’ve tried the fix above. But the sidebar no longer has the white background behind it with the fix. The background also didn’t carry itself to the footer. Plus everything still doesn’t line up as nicely as it does on the other pages. I’ve even copy and pasted the event css to my theme’s css and it didn’t change anything either. I afraid to do any further changes to the code at the moment. Or at least for tonight.

    On a side note I just noticed the search bar also does not work when these pages are open. (You cannot type into it)

    I’ve turned off the fix for the time being, since it broke the site graphically to much.

    Here is the main site.
    Here is what a normal post would look like.
    I’m using the WhosWho Theme.

    Let me know what other information you may need.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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