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  • Just updated to 1.5.4, looks good except when I add a new event, regardless if I choose am or pm it posts as am.

    Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.

    Thanks for any help, have a good vacation!


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  • I am also having this issue. I recently updated to 1.5.4 and, like OP, the event defaults to AM upon adding the event or updating. Pretty sure it’s a bug.

    I’ve just entered about 75 events and just caught this. FML

    Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    thanks folks – we’ll fix it and a couple other small bugs being reported and do a 1.5.5 next week.

    This is now fixed in trunk and will be released with 1.5.5

    There are two options till then: Grab the-events-calendar.php from trunk and replace your version of that file:


    fix the couple lines yourself, the problem is in the method dateToTimeStamp(). You could search for that and replace your version of the method with trunk’s.

    Hit the forum up if you can’t get it to work.

    Thanks for reporting. Good catch.



    That fixed it. Thank you for your quick response and fix. I just updated the lines myself and it worked no problem.

    Fixed for me too.

    Thanks Justin


    Fixed for me. Thanks.

    Hi guys,

    I switched my WordPress to 24-hour time format (H:i) and then it seemed to accept the time afterwards.


    I had the same issue,
    I was able to fix it by simply changing the Time Format under the:
    Settings->General menu to use an UPPERcase AM/PM.

    use this: 1:46 PM
    not this: 1:46 pm

    Hope that helps someone until the fix is out

    When choosing H:i time format (24h).. There is no option to choose the midnight time.. 24:00 or 00:00. How can I fix this?

    00:00 is midnight.

    Ditto, there is no setting midnight.

    The hour 00 doesn’t exist, neither does 24, thus no way to set a time between midnight and 1am.

    This is really perturbing when the usual closing time to list is midnight. Closest we can get is 23:55 and that’s just a cheap “ugly” workaround.

    Any thoughts on how to correct this would be very much appreciated.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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