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  • Resolved Allen


    On the Events Calendar web site

    it says
    Full RSS Feed
    Events kick out an RSS feed containing all the pertinent details. Whether you want to provide readers a front-end feed for subscribing or are feeding your events to another site, we’ve got you covered.

    But I don’t see where you either get the feed for your calendar, or set it up or anything…it certainly doesn’t look like a feed is available. Does anybody know if you can get an RSS feed, as advertised?


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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hi Allen. The plugin should kick out a feed at /events/feed (basically adding /feed to the end of your events URL). Hope that helps.



    Interesting. That URL works as an RSS feed in 1.6 too, but it shows up without listings.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    It should include full listings in 2.0; if it’s not, that’s a bug.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey Allen. After talking with the team about this a bit more, we’re wondering what value an RSS feed like this serves for you. We’re trying to improve the feed’s purpose and usability in future releases – what do you generally rely on it for? Just allowing users to subscribe in a reader and view event details, or are you using the data for something more? Anything you could offer up on this would give us something to think about and help improve the overall product. Feel free to shoot me an email (rob at if you prefer that to talking over the forum. Thanks in advance!

    I have purchased the pro version and love the plugin, but I’m finding the RSS feed to not be what I expected. I would like to use the RSS feed so that users can subscribe to upcoming events. /events/feed/ pulls the events but I would like to have more ability to order them, only show events that haven’t passed yet, etc. Can you guys offer any input or advice on what I can do now with events rss? (i.e., does this type of customization exist, should I be using a custom URL string to pull what I want, etc) Thanks guys!

    Hey Danny, there’s unfortunately no easy way to customize feeds. You’ll need to either find a plugin to do this or figure out how to customize the specific events feed in WordPress. Perhaps this documentation will help:

    Did anyone ever get this working. We are looking for the same thing.

    To answer roblagatta’s question. Mostly we want to show the feeds on other sites in the University. Have a way they coudl pull the rss and show the title, description and date. We could even write another wordpress widget to pull that data from RSS and look for elements in the feed and display it. That would be the most common way.

    The first step however is to get more data in the feeds. Right now it is just title and description on the day I publish it. It doesn’t even include the date.

    Thanks for any tips anyone has already figured out here. I’ll post here if I don’t hear from anyone and figure this out ourselves.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey Jeff. Thanks for the note here; your context makes a good case for this and I can see the value in your specific use case. While no RSS feed tweaks will probably come before 2.1 in the fall (which is our next big push, as compared to the monthly dot-releases we push out now), we are planning on expanding the capabilities of how these feeds behave so they capture more events data. I personally think having this would be huge and am going to push for it accordingly.

    In the interim, sadly, another route will probably be needed – either building something yourselves (which sounds like may be the best course for your situation) or working with a third-party plugin. But know this is on our radar and something we’re working to change.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or if I can do anything else.

    Thanks for your reply robloagatta. We will look into what we can. We have a number of other projects going right now so we may just end up waiting till the fall anyway.

    We appreciate the great plugin and look froward to seeing what y’all do with it!

    After I started this thread, I decided to make my own plugin to solve my problem..maybe this will help what you’re looking for:

    Best wishes,

    Hi. Any way of importing events from other facebook pages. Like gigs from artists?

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    That solution looks awesome, Allen! Thanks for sharing. I’ll make sure to direct future users with this request that way.

    Francdore: at this point the Facebook integration we’ve got is limited to what is described here: So long as the event is public and hosted by a given organization or page, that ought to serve your needs exactly. Let me know if I misunderstood the question here and I’ll adjust my response accordingly.

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