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  • Hey guys!

    This plugin rocks! I love it so much I have spent the past 5 hours trying and trying to figure out how in the world I can remove the sidebar from the category page so the “grid view” of the events can expand to 100%. Cool, let me tell you what I have done so far.

    1. I was able to remove the sidebar on a “page” by duplicating page.php and renaming it page_wide.php and adding:

    Template Name: WidePage


    2. Inside of page_wide.php I called a different “header” and “footer” which had the respective CSS changes to the new header file header_wide.php which made it expand (which works) and just removed the “sidebar” function from the new footer footer_wide.php.

    3. I then realized this events calendar cannot be placed into a page… it rests inside of a category page.

    PROBLEM: I have NO idea how to modify that category page where the event calendar grid view is. Here is the linke:

    You will see there is a sidebar on the right… I would like to remove the sidebar from the events category loop. Is this possible?? I tried creating a custom template by the name of category-8.php but it didn’t work.

    I am not strong with PHP but can get my way around if I have good instructions. Please help me!! Anything would be wonderful. Thanks dudes.

    Thanks – Matt

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  • Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    You are on the right path.

    Probably the easiest approach would be to make a minor mod to your footer.php file. You could wrap the sidebar with an if statement that excludes the calendar view. If you need specifics, I could dig it up for you early this week.

    Thank you Shane!

    That would be a great help. I have figured out how to remove the sidebar from a specific category now, however I am still left with that big blank space on the right and am not sure how to adjust that. I wish category posts would have templates you could apply to them just like pages!

    Hi Shane,
    I would like to remove my sidebar on Calendar view as well. Could you specifics how to make a minor mod to my footer.php?

    The original file is like this

     * Footer template, invoked when get_footer() is called
     * @package Suffusion
     * @subpackage Templates
    // Invoke hook - this creates the bottom widget area, the right sidebars etc.
      </div><!-- /container -->
    <?php suffusion_page_footer(); ?>
    	<hr class="hidden" />
      </div><!--/wrapper -->
    </div><!--/page -->
    wp_footer(); ?>

    Do I need to duplicate this on another footer_wide.php? Or just copy some of the modifyed codes to gridview.php?

    Thiago Abdalla

    I am new to WordPress. I have installed Suffusion. Unfortunately there is a calendar to the left of my header. I have searched within the Theme Options – settings/appearance, I cannot find how to remove it. It appears as some sort of widgit but I am not sure. Anyone know??

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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