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  • I still haven’t found a solution to this. Anyone?

    Hey Henry. Sorry for the delay so far! Thanks for the follow-up. Not sure about this myself but I can see the value of adding to our FAQ if it is doable, as this has come up on a couple of occasions so far. Let me see if our dev Jonah can point you in the right direction here.

    Thanks Rob! Hopefully Jonah came come up with a solution!

    Hi Henry,

    I don’t know of a solution but am checking with one of the other developers and will follow up with you when I know more.


    Hey Henry, ok got an update from another developer. Unfortunately it’s a little more complex and we’re focusing on the 2.0.5 release right now so cannot afford to steer away from that to work on this. After that we’re going to be pushing towards 2.1 so overall this is a lower priority item at this time. I can add this as a feature request but have no guarantee of when it will be implemented. If you need it right now, I would suggest hiring a developer to help you out with it. Good luck!

    Hi Jonah

    Thanks for looking in to this. I am happy to wait for 2.1 as this is more of a nice-to-have than a must-have for me. Just thought I would ask.


    You can use the Redirection plugin to do this. I use it to point /category/events/ to /events/

    Nick Froome


    Thanks for the work around. I already have lots of plugins so will wait for the 2.1 update. This may be useful to someone else though.

    You can do it with one line of code in your .htaccess file if you don’t want to use a plugin

    Nick Froome

    @bolide any idea how?

    It’s done using REGEX in the .htaccess file. You’ll find there’s probably a redirect in there already, courtesy of WordPress, to point to

    Google .htaccess and you will find instructions. REGEX is complicated so find an example that is closest to what you want and modify it

    Nick Froome

    Thanks again for the assist, Mr. Froome!

    Henry: how’s this going?


    I haven’t tried Mr Froome’s suggestion yet though as i’ve been working hard to display events on a Google map. Sorry for going off on a tangent. Be great to know if Mr Froome’s idea works…

    It seems like since you’re on PRO now, Henry, we can keep the discussion going over at the PRO forums (if it’s still an issue). Those get monitored more frequently than the OS one here.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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