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  • Woohoo, she is live. I was debating making this just 1.6 because we did a lot, but I have bigger plans for 1.6.

    So, what happened in 1.5.3

    * updated minimum php requirement to 5.1 (sorry folks, PHP 5 is already 5 years old and getting older every day. Just upgrade and keep up with the jones’)

    Bug Fixes
    * fixed permalink issue on calendar
    * removed limit of events shown on calendar view
    * fixed conflicting namespace error with xml2array function
    * curl support for (soon to be deprecated) safe_mod (you should really just update your server settings)

    * update minutes to increment by 5 rather than 1 and default to 00
    * added a class per category to each event in the grid view: “cat_classname” to allow users more styling controls in the grid.
    * added embedded google maps integration & admin panel controls
    * changed “Grid view” to “Calendar”, “List view” to “Event List”
    * made significant headway on preparing translation – more to go
    * clean up admin quite a bit to make it easier to navigate the events form

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  • wow great ! We are approaching fastly from the best event manager in WP ever !!
    A few notes though mainly regarding localization :
    – View Larger Map is still in English (and we should choose to make this appear)
    – The Google map is not using the last version of the GG Maps API (that requires an API Key), which means it’s the old User Interface, & it’s in English
    – The calendar still starts on sunday, which is wierd
    – Permalinks are still bound to be “events”, “upcoming”, “month” which is only acceptable for an english website
    – In my test website (but I should double-check), the events don’t appear anymore on the calendar 🙁
    – & A killer feature would be a search & a Map view of the events (with colored markers by category) 🙂

    Keep doing the great job !!

    In terms of SEO, I also don’t see the point of creating a number of new links (12 months x 10 years (from 2005 till 2015) = 120 new links, when there is no event in these years ….
    Maybe we could select this in the admin ?

    Thanks for the update. The Notes and instructions on how to edit and apply your templates is outdated. Out of the box, I can’t get this thing to work at all and actually look decent on my site. Anyone out there have a site where this is working on?…

    * Dan said he would tackle translation tomorrow.
    * Changing the cal start date is in the cycle for the next release.
    * Google api was a weird issue. They insisted on a specific url to use it. Not quite sure how to get around that. Perhaps I missed it?
    * map view across events is in the feature queue but a ways down
    * permalink fix is in queue but may not make this next release.
    * I like the idea of setting the years span.

    You still not seeing the events any longer?

    Thanks Shane,

    * For Google Maps API + Global Maps + saving of the venues :
    Have a look at this marvellous plugin :
    * Please, fix the permalink issues in the next release … Would be so great for non-english websites 🙂

    Thanks for your great plugin !!

    Thanks for the update! Love the calendar (though a feature request of allowing for recurring events by day (ie. every 3rd Monday) would make it the be all end all of calendars;)

    I have run across an interesting issue. When I leave the COST field blank, it auto populates it the the word Free after I publish it. How do I remove that and not have that field show up when I don’t want it to? (The problem with FREE as the default designation is that the events are not free.)

    Thanks for any help!

    free is no longer the default in the next release

    I LOVE YOUR PLUGIN!!! Thank you!

    I would like to see a better way to add events. Calendar plugin does this really well with the backend, their frontend and features are not as vast as yours. I just hate littering my posts with all of my events (it cramps up my front page gallery a lot as well).

    another great feature would be to assign the page for us to have the calendar in as well (just like calendar plugin) – like {calendar} or something of the sort.

    Any ideas on a backend posting for events other than direct posts?

    thank you.

    This is 100% what we’ve been looking and waiting for. The only other request is to allow for recurring events (otherwise you’d be posting multiple times for the same events).

    howdy – we have discussed the differences and for posting, we are going to add an option in the admin to hide events from post loop. That should clean up a lot of the noise. As for pulling it out of posts, for the time being, we kind of like it in there.

    Thank you for the response. I figured a work around with what I am doing, however I am having serious issues with the permalink. I get nothing come up whenever I attempt to view my calendar.

    My structure is as follows (thought would be fine)

    if I go to the pages and type in index.php myself they come up, but not without me having to type it in. If I change to
    then nothing works on my site aside from the home page, even when I type in – nothing

    any ideas?

    The use of index.php in your permalink is down right bizare (or probably not a good plan).

    What permalink setting do you have in your wp permalinks settings panel? Also, what link is the plugin generating on the “view all events” link on the sidebar widget?

    the only permalink I am able to get to work on my entire site is the default.

    the plugin generating that sidebar appears to be the events calendar (nothing else available to do it)

    i agree that the index.php permalink is bazaar (it was defaulted by my theme and the only other permalink structure that works for my site is the default one)

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