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  • Resolved Mike



    This looks like a very nice plugin.

    However I may need more customization than appears to be provided by either the free or the pro version.

    For example, I need to have several array-based custom fields for each event. For example, each event will feature multiple pieces, by multiple composers, and multiple sponsors. Unfortunately, the number of pieces, composers, and sponsors is not consistent from one event to the next.

    An array-based custom field to address this variability can easily be created using the Custom Content Type Manager plugin.

    1) Can I create array-based custom fields within The Events Calendar (or the Pro version)?

    2) If not, is there an easy way to redirect from a single-event page to custom-post-type page? (It looks like this can be done with 301 redirects in the .htaccess file, but I doubt the end users are going to get that right.) Can you recommend an alternate solution?

    3) Are shortcodes available to link from one single-page event to the next, so that I could include that functionality if I have to create my own custom-post-type pages?


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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey Mike. Just wanted to confirm in the thread here that I’ll get a dev to take a look at this and the other question you emailed over (” is it possible for me to augment your plugin’s custom post type (tribe_events) with my required fields without screwing up your code, or screwing up future update paths?”) when they hit the forums tomorrow. Cheers!

    Hey Mike,

    Happy to help out here. The short answer is yes, all of the above is possible.

    The long answer:

    We store all of the events as custom post types already, that means that [for the most part – there’s a few exceptions] anything you can do with a “normal” custom post type, you can do with the events. As Rob mentioned, our custom post type is “tribe_events”, so feel free to use the Custom Content Type Manager plugin (there are many like it as well) to add custom fields to “tribe_events”.

    That will handle the backend/admin integration of the fields, so the next thing you’ll need to do is is display those fields in the front-end.

    To do so, you will need to copy/overwrite the views/single.php file from the plugin into your theme so that you can modify what is in it without getting overwritten next time we release an update. Here’s an explanation of this method within our FAQ:

    Next you’ll have to show the fields, it seems that the plugin you want to use Custom Content Type Manager has it’s own functions to output the value from the fields, as explained in their FAQ here: (last question/answer).

    Just a note, if you were to use another plugin or the built-in WordPress function to retrieve the data, you would use get_post_meta() ( to do this.

    Hope this helps – let us know of any follow up questions

    Thanks, Joachim. (Sorry for the delayed response.)

    Unfortunately, The Custom Content Type Manager cannot edit your custom post type. CCTM shows the existence of your post types, but does not permit editing them at this time. I’ve spoken with the developer, and he thinks that editing capability would be a nice (although potentially dangerous) addition to his plugin, but I suspect it will take a while for him to implement it.

    How difficult would it be for me to manually add custom fields to your custom post type? (And can you point me towards instructions how I can do that?)


    Hi Mike,

    That would indeed be a limitation of the plugin you are using. There’s a number of alternate plugins that you can use to create custom metaboxes/fields. Each has their own way of doing things and often conflict with one another so I don’t recommend you run more than one of them concurrently (though you might be okay to do so – no guarantees either way). Some of them will offer a graphical way to do this while others require some code in your functions.php or other file to add the metaboxes & fields. Also, this is an exhaustive list, there’s tons of plugins and helpers that allow you to do this, so this is just a selection 🙂

    If you want to venture into making the custom fields from scratch using core WordPress functions, then this would be where you should start looking: but it’s definitely beyond typical user knowledge – aka this is developer territory.

    Hope this helps,

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