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  • +1 recurring events by day, week, month etc.

    Recurring events is a definite plus!

    Also with a start-end date. I have an event that started Thursday Feb 4 and goes every Thursday until April 29.

    Semi-patterned options:
    First Monday of each Month
    First and Third Wednesdays of each Month
    Every other week

    Or, like someone else suggested, non-patterned options as well:
    Select the dates this Event will be happening

    Love the plug-in though!

    Nice Plugin – best out there for future events.
    Here’s my vote for Recurring events!

    The Events Calendar has been a stellar find in my quest for the perfect events plugin, short of writing one from scratch myself. It’s already loaded with everything you could need.

    If we can get recurring events built in, a lot of people would be golden.

    The thing is, you don’t really want to duplicate for example 10 posts just to have the event listed 10 times. That necessitates filtering on the front end and duplicate content for SEO.

    Nevertheless, this is a rocking product. good job.

    I’ll add another request for re-ocuring events.

    We would like to have the recurring events as well. We’re using this for a church calendar where we have Bible study every Tuesday, same time, same location. We also have special events such as holiday parties or concerts that need to be single posts only. Would a donation help speed this up? 🙂

    Great plug in and here is my vote for recurring events. My needs are for events that reoccur at random intervals – shows that take place on 3 days a week, but every week for 5 weeks, or they may take place for 5 days in a row, then off 3 days and on again for 4 days.

    Recurring events would be a great feature!!!

    The lack of recurring events is the only feature that is keeping me from actually using this plugin. Please, please, please add it soon.

    Any chance this will be in an upcoming release?

    Hey Folks,

    Not at the moment. If there are any devs out there who want to tackle the project as a contributor, let me know. The next major task on our list once 1.6 is out is to convert to custom post types with 3.0.


    For updates, release information and tips about our open source plugins, follow us on twitter @justlikeair.

    I agree, too, that a recurring feature would be awesome, but I also totally understand the difficulty in implementing it. The short-term solution I’ve resorted to is using the “Duplicate Post” plugin to copy an event and change the date. Works just fine with minimal effort.

    YES! +1 for this.

    +2 (err 30) for this!

    This is definitely something I would love to have.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 50 total)
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