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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey pppplus. Thanks for the note here; does this occur when you deactivate your other plugins and revert to the 2011 theme? Just wanted to check since we haven’t received other reports of this and I haven’t been able to recreate myself either…makes me wonder if it’s specific to your install.

    Let me know if you have the opportunity to take a look at that and we can try to troubleshoot as needed from there.

    Definitely getting this same error on my site. Disable Events calendar and everything is fine again. It appears to be in the pjax.

    thanks in advance.

    Oh. Actually, it looks like this error might be even more helpful:

    TypeError: $(document).pjax(“a.tribe-pjax”, {timeout: 10000, fragment: “#tribe-events-content”, container: “#tribe-events-content”}) is undefined

    I’m guessing the new default templates have this div in them… my custom ones probably don’t.

    I’m getting this error as well. In Chrome’s Inspector, jquery.pjax.js gives me an error that reads:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object # <Object> has no method ‘on’

    and it kills all javascript after that point. Since The Events Calendar’s js is in the head, that means all my other plugins don’t work.

    I haven’t had a chance to see if the error is theme-specific.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Thanks for the notes on this, folks. Since 3 separate people are noting it here it seems likely this is an issue on our end. I’ve asked the lead dev on the plugin to take a look here and comment directly; if there’s a fix we can implement or a workaround we can suggest, we’ll of course do so.

    Thanks again for the heads up and your patience so far.

    FYI, I solved this issue by patching jquery.pjax.js

    In the first function, change “this.on” to “this.bind”

    Patch below for reference:

    [ Moderated: Please use and just post the link instead. ]

    yes, perfect !
    No more error.

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Sounds like you’re all sorted here pppplus – just for information though, there is a known issue where themes or other plugins replace the default copy of jQuery that ships with WordPress with earlier versions.

    There’s a detailed summary of this on our own forum – for anyone who is unable to perform the patch suggested by bguthro (looks like that’s been removed by a mod in any case) please do take the time to read up on this and contact your theme vendor if necessary.

    Thanks, Barry!

    I had replaced WordPress’s default jQuery with my own version a while back, and when I updated that, the problem was fixed for me.

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Excellent, glad you’re sorted here.

    I had the same problem and the above solution worked for me, too. Thanks bguthro!!

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Thanks for confirming, everyone! Going to close this out since it seems like we’re set here but please let me know if anyone else has problems in the future.

    Same error after a new update !!
    That’s not serious !

    Horodatage : 20/01/2013 23:12:15
    Erreur : TypeError: $(…).bind(…).on is not a function
    Fichier Source : http://mywebsite/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/resources/events.js?ver=3.5
    Ligne : 17

    You have to replace all “.on(” by “.bind(“
    I don’t know if there is problem after in plugin, but now, menu is ok.


    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Thanks for the report on this, pppplus. Going to check with the devs here to see if we introduced something that can be removed for the next build. Appreciate the heads up and apologies for any inconvenience created by this.

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