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  • Nice widget (if you forget the lack of a recurring events option)

    However, when I want to add a telephone number as a point of contact for an event, I am not allowed to enter the number in my own countries way (I’m in the UK)

    So, if your event is outside of the US or is not in a format that the US phone system recognises then you cannot add a phone number.

    If I try and enter a number that does not confirm to the US model a pop up tells me that it is an invalid format.

    Anyone know how to
    a) turn the pop up off
    b) change the value so that I can enter phone numbers that are outside of the US (BTW even if you enter the international dialling code, it still only accepts US numbers doh!)


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  • Hello friend i don t know if you still need this but here is the answer
    go to plugins folder in your ftp and then


    on line 134 and remove this part of the code

    && !event_phone.val().match(/^((\+\d{1,3}(-| )?\(?\d\)?(-| )?\d{1,5})|(\(?\d{2,6}\)?))(-| )?(\d{3,4})(-| )?(\d{4})(( x| ext)\d{1,5}){0,1}$/) )

    so the final should look like this

    if( event_phone.length > 0 && event_phone.val().length {
    alert(“<?php _e(‘Phone’,$this->pluginDomain); ?> <?php _e(‘is not valid.’, $this->pluginDomain); ?> <?php _e(‘Valid values are local format (eg. 02 1234 5678 or 123 123 4567) or international format (eg. +61 (0) 2 1234 5678 or +1 123 123 4567). You may also use an optional extension of up to five digits prefixed by x or ext (eg. 123 123 4567 x89)’); ?> “);
    return false;

    Well that certainly allowed me to input any length telephone number.

    The downside is that now when I enter the start date it is listed 5 times (although on save the actual viewed post does show the correct date)
    It also has the effect of lowering all the information in the post by one line so it now doesn’t line up!

    The answer is in there somewhere nemanja, just not sure this is the solution

    well to be honest i just had the calendar and as soon as i found the phone problem i just removed it after i fixed the problem 🙂
    i saw your post trying to figure the solution out and i thought to give you heads up
    i tried this one and i am very satisfied:

    i use it s small version check it out on my test site

    i think you shouldn t waste your time trying to make it work… there are zilions of plugins out there 🙂

    Thanks Nemanja

    Dissapointing that certain developers choose to ignore those of us with limited (or no knowledge) of css/php and make using their plugins un-useable.

    I shall take your advice and search for something better.

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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