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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey, helloari. Thanks for reaching out here. I believe you also sent this over to Peter via email, right? I’ve been out on vacation but recently reviewed that email and saw some solid ideas from it.

    At this point, the answer is that nothing shows past events out of the box. You could certainly hack things together to make it work but otherwise we’ve focused dev-wise pretty heavily up until this point on future events rather than past ones. That being said, based on what you’ve noted and some other requests I’ve seen in my forum rounds lately, there does seem to be more demand for that than we’d expected.

    No guarantees, but I have logged a couple relevant issues in our projects system related to this so hopefully we can find a way to make it work during the 2.1 lifecycle (which should be out later in the Fall). Apologies that I couldn’t offer up more in the short-term but if you need anything else or have any other ideas…do let me know.

    Was this added into a later version? This is a great idea & I was looking to add this as well. I would really like to show my past events in a widget area on a homepage & potentially build it into a slider format so that maybe 5 thumbnails show for the past events & you can click the arrows to load another 5 in the horizontal scroller. Or is there another plugin that you know is already compatible with the events calendar to make that happen?

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey verdiopro. We actually never released 2.1, and instead postponed it for a 3.0 release (we’re putting the finishing touches on that one now and should have it out in the coming months). It includes an updated templating structure and a dedicated past events view that you should be able to pull into the widgets using the tutorial on how to fully customize widgets ( from the site.

    In terms of other plugins that are compatible, I’m not aware of any at this time…but if nothing else that might make an awesome user-created, simple add-on plugin (if anyone so inclined happens to read this thread).

    Hope that helps and sorry I couldn’t offer more. Let me know if you’ve got other questions.

    @roblagatta thanks for the reply. We actually had custom coded a past events widget pulling the events from the events system & putting them into a horizontal carousel. Works great with your current system. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks for confirming, verdipro. Would love to see the finished product at some point.

    The widget styling & carousel are all setup at: Just now adding in about 400 past events manually. From what I have seen you cannot import a csv or anything until 3.0 right?

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Site is looking awesome! Great work there, stoked to see that custom implementation there.

    Regarding import: correct, that’s still being tested and isn’t quite stable enough to give out (or else I’d give you beta code on the spot). It will be refined/finished and included with 3.0, though.

    Thanks, I definitely can’t take the credit for it as someone else helped make some of that customization happen, but it looks & works great.

    No problem on the import, I appreciate all the help, thanks!

    Thanks verdipro, let us know if there’s anything else you need 🙂

    – Jonah

    Guys, I was not sure if I should open up another post regarding this since we had some past dialog, but a couple questions/comments.

    1) If you can let me know once the import feature is ready, I would certainly test it out. I have to list all the way back to 2008, so I am sure by the time it is ready I will still be in the middle of posting.

    2) Is there a way when I choose the event date to change the default times? It always is at 8am start, 5pm finish. I would like to change that to default to 9am & 6pm if possible. It would help speed up my process a bit.

    3) Also is there any existing code out there that makes the end date calendar jump to the start date? For example when I go back & list an event in September 2012 for the start date, the end date still says March 2013. Is there anything pre-existing that will make the end date jump back to September 2012? That would also speed things up a bit if this was solved for anyone else in the past.

    Thanks again guys.

    Hi verdipro,

    Yes, please create another post for this.


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