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  • I keep getting a “Page not found” error when I click on months or years (via scroll dropdown) of events that are not yet created. The messages say, for example, “The requested URL /events/2011-05 was not found on this server.” Obviously, I assume it has to do with something in regards to the slugs (urls) not yet being created yet. I did not go through and create page urls for every month, of every year, for the past and future decade. Is there a way to simply display a message when the event does not exist for day/month/year that says something like, “There is not an event for this day. Go back to events.”??

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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Modern Tribe Support

    You definitely don’t need to create page URLs for months/years. Can I see a link to your site where this is happening, so I can see exactly what’s what? Sounds like something isn’t right here as this is not the default behavior of the plugin.

    I would be glad to. Here is the event page:

    One thing weird I did notice is that it forced me to use ‘events’ as the main events slug, and ‘event’ to start the the sub slugs. Any time I tried to change things it wouldn’t let me. I don’t think it is a writes permissions problem, but I am not sure. Other than that, I think the plugin is a really good tool, for both viewing and adding via posts/events.



    Interestingly, the links do work if you append a trailing slash to the month URL ( )

    It seems that web servers / WordPress installations other than yours are appending that slash automatically?

    hmmm, interesting indeed. I will definitely look into that within the next few hours. Thanks for your support! I will respond with my results, good or bad.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Modern Tribe Support

    Thanks bwp; I would never have guessed that solution.

    Jason: let us know what you come up with on this, we can check it out further on our end as needed.

    Well, I most certainly appreciate the guess. lol It helped rule out things. After further review, I am not seeing a ‘settings’ solution to the problem or an obvious issue in how our web servers resolve urls. I was going to do a slight modification to the widget to include the trailing slash if not present, but I am hesitant. I wasn’t sure if you guys give us the right to, and even then, I would think the widget has to be re-registered even if I did, correct?

    Moving forward, I am going to contact my biz partner (because he does more of the web hosting troubleshooting) and see if he knows of this issue. I am also going to move ahead with installing the widget on the actual client server and see if it works there at least. Please let me know if you guys find out anything in the meantime.

    Hey guys,

    So I installed the widget on the client site, made some minor, unrelated modifications and it worked. bwp, without you, we probably wouldn’t have figured it out or at least got as close as we did so soon. Thank you.

    This still doesn’t solve the issue for why it does work via my servers. I will be sure to still post an update to the fix when I figure it out in case others come across the same issue.

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