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  • Hi skitchen,

    Yeah, we don’t have default padding so as not to tramp on anyone’s css scheme.

    It’s best to reference the calendar elements by placing calendar-specific css rules in your theme’s css file. That way when you update the plugin it won’t erase your custom css.

    Try adding this rule:

    #tec-content {padding: 10px}

    and adjusting the amount of padding to your liking of course. This will pad the events in list view and in grid view.

    Whoever reads this…what are the general feelings out there about the css? Does everyone like the freedom of minimal css or would you rather see more default rules?



    Personally, I want the plug-in to change the existing styling as little as possible. Right now when I go from ‘default’ (before TEC kicks in) to ‘Event List’ views, the font sizes change. I don’t see a reason for that; the designer has already chosen his post styling.

    Maybe put the structure into the CSS so that we can easily see where to go to make list view different, but don’t start off with values which may be different from what already exists.

    I think part of this particular issue is that you didn’t intend the list view to be used with a sidebar like a normal WP page, therefore you made the font bigger. I am using this plug-in to provide access to a calendar if the user wants, so I have the default view set to list (to give the calendar button) but otherwise I pretty much want it to look like everything else, sidebar included.

    Maybe there’s a better way for me to do this. In fact, I’m certain there is but I’m getting there.

    The other thing that’s a bit intrusive is that the CSS defaults to having a styling change for alternating rows. Again, there’s nothing wrong with having the code there (neat, BTW!) but it changes what already existed (uniform appearance of posts).

    I guess I’m a minimalist. 🙂

    Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    Hey Anton,

    I totally agree with you. At a guess, what you are seeing is the byproduct of a bug we are hunting. Most themes encue our plugin’s caa first, then the themes. Some themes encue their css first and our plugin’s second, which is lame because it overwrites all kinds of basic things. Now that may not be the issue in this case, but if it is, we are working on trying to figure out a global encue solution so this gets resolved.

    for the time being, definitely just add a little css to the theme’s css.

    As for the sidebar thing, the default theme was designed to work on kubric (default wp theme for 2.9.2 WP on down, which does have a sidebar, albeit a tiny one.


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    I would prefer the freedom of minimal css so that the plugins blends in with the rest of the site.

    I do appreciate the additional of the class tags which makes detailed styling easier.

    Plugins should add functionality not styling.

    Minimal CSS is ideal I would say. But a nice easy way to create custom css would be nice too. This could be through a built in editor with the plugin or a simple way for the custom CSS to be stored somewhere and not overwritten with updates.

    Without that in place I ended up with !important all over the place in my theme’s CSS to over-ride the default CSS for the plugin.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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