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  • Hi Everyone,

    This is a quick update. We have run the next release through the qa wringer and are fixing a few last bugs. As soon as we finish, we will push it live. Release 1.5.4 is a big one. This is a big release. We are introducing localization and a wide sweeping set of theme updates that will hopefully resolve a number of theme bugs reported in the forum (though not all of them of course). If you have created any code depending on classes or id’s – they are all changing so take the time to look things over before pushing it live.

    WE ARE GOING ON VACATION!!!! Warm weather, waves, tropical island, daiquiri’s and more. We leave at the beginning on next week for two weeks. All the contributors but one (Justin we will miss you) will be down in panama with us partying with us. We are all remote and like to hang every once in a while to catch up.

    Eventbrite was been amazingly cool and offered Noah, one sharp support dude, to help keep an eye on the forum in our absence. Its nice to see companies like that contributing actively to the open source community. Mad props. I hope that between Justin and Noah at least some basic support will take place. It’s a bit scary bailing right after a major release, so I am asking the community. Help out other peeps as they post on the forum! Everyone here is grateful.

    = 1.5.4 =

    A huge thanks to our first round of translators who helped us figure it all out and become a multilingual application! If you have any interest in translating, grab the .pot file in the /lang/ folder and then send us a completed copy. I’d like to suggest you start a thread in the forum so people know you are working on it and can collaborate.

    * Fixed localization functions so that translation files work
    * Translation files for:
    ** Swedish: provided by Kaj Johansson
    ** French: provided by Benjamin Nizet (Enseignons)
    ** Italian: provided by Maurizio Lattanzio
    * Smarter date chooser provides only those dates which the month contains as choices, accounts for leap years – fixes multi-month event bug pointed out by coold78 on the forum
    * Removed donate button from User Profile view
    * Cost now defaults to NULL
    ** On front end, cost field disappears if its value is NULL
    * More robust path for the ajax that hides the donation button to fix non standard wordpress install locations
    * Added comments to default event template + global on/off toggle in settings for comments on events posts
    * Set venue label to only display if there is a venue
    * Standardized ids and classes in bundled templates
    ** Removed camelCase IDs and classes
    ** Add “tec-” to the beginning of all ids and classes with the templates

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  • Shane have I mentioned lately how much you guys rock?

    1 question – are recurring events going to be supported in this release?

    I and others will keep an eye on the forum and help out where we can you can rest assured 🙂

    You guys enjoy your much deserved time in the sun.


    Hey Jack – thanks for the help!

    Reoccuring events is a doozie of a project and probably won’t happen for a little while yet. I want to make sure we get the current version stable. I figure that will be a 1.6 or 1.7 feature.

    YES! YES! YES!

    I almost cant wait for a version with recurring events! Specially now in the beginning of a year. We have monthly recurring meetings, and it would be really nice to just change the date.

    And btw… the update looks nice, and i want to wish you a nice vaccation – you have done a great job so far, and i think you have “earned” it. 🙂

    This is great news and can’t wait for this update to come out!
    For the translation have you fix the “month” issue? It wasn’t located in the POT file.

    Anyways guys you really are doing a great job and have fun in panama!

    Shane, I may have mentioned this before, but please consider support for

    microformat, specifically hcalendar in upcoming version of TEC

    I bet eventbrite would be all over this

    in addition to fix for thesis<g>,


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